Monday, February 18, 2013

The Royal Celebration

The princess was so excited to be dressed and ready for her guests to arrive.

The Royal Family:)
patiently waiting...
The castle was a huge hit with all of the kids.

Reese and her mommy

Prince Will and Prince Gaines with their King and Queen:)
Once all of the guests arrived, the Royal Maiden announced that there was a princess trapped in the castle and they had to follow the clues to find her.
Clue #1:
Elizabeth loves to hop, hop, hop.
She knows that 3 plus 1 equals four.
The first step to finding the princess
Is to play hopscotch galore!
Clue #2:
Crowning a princess can be a chore
When the spot is hard to see.
The perfect spot is on her head.
I hope you all succeed!

Clue #3:
Before the princess can return
The kingdom you must prepare.
Use the stickers to decorate.
Make the palace royal and fair!

Clue #4:
Every princess needs a wand
And every prince needs a sword.
They will help you do the magic
Needed to open up the door.

Clue #5:
Meeting a real princess
is Elizabeth’s birthday wish!
In order for that to happen,
all you need to do is this:

Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true…

The "real" princess was rescued!
Elizabeth was a bit disappointed at first that the "real" princess was her Aunt Rebeka. She got over it and was quick to sit in her lap while she read her story.  And later she told me that Aunt Rebeka looked just like a real barbie princess!

After some crazy freeze dancing, it was finally time to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes.

The princess took some pictures with our guests.

Elizabeth continued talking about her party the entire weekend.  She felt so special and had so much fun.  We continued the party at our house for dinner with family and friends.  What a celebration!

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