Tuesday, April 30, 2013

24 Months

Caroline, here's what your two-year-old little self has been up to.
You are so animated and full of personality.  You make the goofiest expressions all the time.

You wake up so happy and full of life each morning.  And you go to sleep so well. After reading, you just lay down flat on your back, stretch out your arms, and eventually fall asleep.  You are a good sleeper like your sister, but you are much easier to put to sleep (then and now).

When you don't get something you want, you have the saddest pout face I've ever seen.  Real big alligator tears stream down your face.  To say that is's dramatic would be an understatement!

You've got a stubborn streak.  You don't give up easy when you want something.
You love "calling roll."  Every time we're all in the room together, you call us out name by name until we respond to you.  We call it Caroline's Roll Call! 

You are pretty clingy, especially to your mama.  Your daddy calls you a little kangaroo saying that if I had a pouch, you'd climb right in!
You sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself all the time.  You even refer to yourself  in third person while singing it.

You don't eat quite as much as you use to, but you still have a healthy appetitie.

You follow your sister everywhere and imitate her every move!  You really want to be independent just like her.

You weigh 28 pounds (65 percentile) which is the exact same as Elizabeth at two.
You are 35 1/2 inches long (90 percentile).
You are wearing a size 7 shoe and size 2T clothing.

I think you and your sister look more different now than ever before.  But you still look so much like sisters. 

Caroline, we love you more than you'll ever know.  I am so blessed to be your mama.  Happy Birthday.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Graduation Party

Saturday kicked off Graduation Party season around here.  This one was for three of my girls who are all going to a different college.  They had a college tailgate theme and we were all suppose to wear our school colors.  It was my kind of party!  The girls had a blast too.  We didn't stay long, and even though the girls ate plenty at the party, we met Bert at Laredo's for some Mexican goodness.
My "go-to" gift this year is a monogrammed towel (using their school colors of course).  It's the cutest cheap gift I could come up with.  $3.99 for the towel and free monogramming by yours truly- can't beat that!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Back to normal

As Bert started his new job this week (which he loves!), we all started back to a "normal" schedule. It was a rather smooth transition back except that I got Strep and ran a fever for three days. But we made it through and by Friday I was feeling well again!

We had a fun Friday afternoon playing outside with our neighborhood friends.

They rode bikes, climbed trees, then the girls painted each others nails. Then we put all the kids to bed and the adults stayed outside for our play date! I love that all of our monitors work and we can all enjoy some grown up time.

After Elizabeth's game this morning, we did a little antique shopping. We didn't buy anything but there's a new one with independent vendors right near us. I love checking it out. They always have new stuff.
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

On this day two years ago...

we met our sweet Caroline. 

It was the Saturday before Easter, and we were getting ready to take Elizabeth to the circus.  Instead, my water broke and we headed to the hospital.  I was a little nervous since she was 3 weeks early, but she was healthy and we were thrilled to be able to hold and love on her that much sooner. 

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby girl!  I will post an update with pictures ASAP:)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Caroline's Birthday Party

In my opinion, 2nd birthdays are the perfect excuse for a low-key party.  The first birthday's a blow out, by the third they understand the concept of parties, but they have not clue that the party is even for them at two!  Today was a beautiful day to celebrate our sweet little girl turning two.  She may not understand it now, but she knows that she is surrounded by friends and family who love and adore her!

I chose red and blue (because I already had everything I needed in those colors) with pinwheels (because it's spring).  Even though the temperature and skies were perfect.  It was quite windy.

I couldn't even put the icecream cone cupcakes on the stand because they would blow over.

The pinwheels I made wouldn't stand up in the wind and the balloons just knocked everything else over.  But since my goal was "low-key", I didn't even worry about them.
The wind did help us fly kites.
And it didn't stop the hoola hoopin'
Unfortunately, Caroline went down for her nap late and wasn't ready to get up when her party was starting.  She was pretty cranky unless she was attached to my hip which isn't unusual.  But her sweet bubbly personality didn't start emerging until the party was ending.  By the time we got home to spend some extra time with her grandparents, she was personality plus.  Where was that girl during her party?!  Oh well, it's her party, she can cry if she wants to!!

Reese was just as precious as always

Elizabeth loves all birthday parties no matter whose they are!
When the pizza arrived, Caroline finally let me put her down to eat.

The wind prevented us from successfully lighting her candles.  So we pretended.

She still blew on them:)

I think she thought she actually blew them out. 

I tried to get Caroline to hold her balloons for a birthday picture.  She would have NOTHING to do with them.  But Elizabeth was happy to take her place!

It was the perfect, relaxing celebration for my precious 2-year-old.  Happy Birthday Caroline Lawson Kelly!!

Friday, April 19, 2013


It's rainy and ugly outside today, but I'm glad its Friday!

When I got to school, one of my parents who took pictures on our WinShape fieldtrip had sent me some she was editing.  I loved looking at them and was reminded of why I have the best job and best kids in the world!
I love it when the "manly" guys are comfortable enough to be goofy and affectionate.
I didn't even notice her taking these pictures because she was so far away using a ridiculous zoom.  It makes me laugh though because I took about a million pictures that day, and none of mine were near as good as the ones she took.  But it was fun going back and remembering the fun we had that day through her lense.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow

These picutres really have nothing to do with this post except that they are pictures of my most precious blessings!

This post is about me rejoicing in the fact that Bert has a new job!  And not just any job... a good job with a good company!  I'm so proud of him!!  The last 10 months have been hard, especially on him.  I wish I could say that I was patient and the perfect supportive wife during this time, but that would be a lie. However, I did learn  A LOT during those 10 months.

1. I learned that NEEDS and WANTS are more different than I thought.

2.  I learned that we are pretty good at making our money stretch when we need to.

3. I learned that I have a whole new appreciation for a savings account.

4. I learned that my husband would make a great house wife:)

5. I learned to appreciate the here and now because you never know how quickly things can change.

6. I learned to appreciate the things that are most important and to focus on those things, i.e. the health of our children.
7.  Most importantly, I learned that my God is much greater than the loss of a job!

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Monday, April 15, 2013


Not an exciting number, but I've been so blessed in those 34 years. Bert had class so I took the girls to CFA and Melissa and Reese met us there. That was a great birthday surprise!

When I got home, Bert and the girls had made the sweetest card and Bert had taken the time to personally design and order the shoes I've been describing to him. Then we enjoyed a yummy cookie cake from a local bakery. I'm one lucky girl!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I just got back from the most relaxing spring break ever!  I've never been to Cape San Blas before, but I will be going back!
We stayed in this awesome 4 bedroom house right on the beach.
We ate yummy meals.  My favorites were the crab legs and the shrimp with baked crab.  I even ate oysters!

The best part was watching the sunset every night with a cocktail in hand and sand in my toes!

I actually read three books.... for fun!
I enjoyed this much needed get-a-way, but I was happy to get home to my husband and my girls. 

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