Monday, April 30, 2012

Caroline's 1 Year Pictures

Caroline is the most laid back and happiest baby.  Except for the day we took her one year picture. It was a little chilly compared to what it had been and she was ready for her morning nap.  Even though  she wasn't all smiles like usual, I'm really happy with these.  Especially the ones of my two girls together. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Week Behind

I am a full week behind on blogging.  I was so busy last week with AP Finals and getting ready for Caroline's birthday.  Before I post about that, I want to make sure I'm caught up!

Last week, the girls wore their birthday dresses to church to kick off our week long celebration of Caroline's first birthday.

Sunday afternoon we went to Sunday Funday at East Cobb Park.  A couple of other family friends from our neighborhood were there too.  Sweet Gabriella let Elizabeth tag along with her.  She even taught her how to hoola-hoop.

It was actually a little cool last week.  This week it will be a lot warmer!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Caroline is one!

A year ago today, our sweet Caroline made her entrance into this world 3 weeks early.  We were so excited to meet her.  That's what I kept saying all the way to the hospital, "I can't believe we get to meet her today!"  Her temperment has been the same since the day she was born.  Relaxed and Happy!  Although, she wasn't really loving having her picture taking this time.  But in her true nature, she stuck it out until the end.  Caroline, at 12 months here's what you're up to:

  • You weigh around 20 pounds (according to your sick visit last week).
  • You wear size 3 diaper and size 3 shoe.
  • You wear anything between 12 month and 24 month clothes.
  • You have 5 teeth- 2 on bottom and 3 on top.

  • You are cruising around holding on to anything you can.  You love to crawl up to your sister, pull up, and hold on to her as you walk.  Thankfully, she's learned to go slow!
  • When you want to crawl really fast, you do so on your hands and feet (not your knees).
  • You are a climber.  You b-line it for the stairs all the time.  You can crawl all the way up them (with us behind you of course).  And you will climb on anything that stands still.
  • You can stand by yourself without any support for about 20 seconds. 
  • You are completely weened from formula and the bottle!  You do prefer your milk to be warmed enough to take the chill off, but then you suck it down.
  • You eat what we eat.  No baby food for you.

Caroline, you have been nothing but pure sweetness since you came into our lives.  Somehow your first year went by even faster than your sister's.  In some ways, we tried to keep you our little baby longer.  We haven't pushed new milestones on you.  We haven't "practiced" things like walking because that keeps you our little baby that much longer.  You were at least 7 months old before we put you in the front of the shopping cart and even then you felt too little for it.  At 11 months old, your sister was already in a big girl car seat.  We haven't even talked about when we'll switch you over.  I assume when you weigh too much, but I'm not rushing it.  Even your bow size is different.  I haven't even thought about putting a big bow in your hair yet!  Your sister upgraded around 9 months.  On the flip side, we have learned that transitions aren't really that big of a deal.  You were weaned quicker and earlier.  You went from your bassinet to your own room wayyyyy sooner.    I'm not sure if you make us more laid back or if you're more laid back because you're our second child.  We just love your personality.  We love seeing it grow along with you.  We love seeing you interact with your sister.  You clearly adore her and I pray you always do.  She is so good to you and tells you all the time how much she loves you.   We all do!  Happy Birthday, Peanut!!

For this months comparison, I couldn't resist these crying pictures.  Only babies can still be so precious during an ugly cry!

Caroline- April 2012

Elizabeth- February 2010

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Finishing Projects

Lately I have had problems with finishing projects!  Before spring break, I made 6 outfits for the girls that I ALMOST completed.  All they need is buttons and snaps.  My least favorite part.  By the time I do it, they may not fit anymore!  I made these on cheap fabric just to practice for the real thing.  

Then, I made them again out of the sweetest fabric.  When I do actually get the snaps and buttons on, I'm going to have a C put on the blue bubble out of the houndstooth fabric.  Won't that be so cute IF I ever get them done!

I'd really like to finish these before going to the beach.  How perfect is the seersucker with crabs!

Another project I've ALMOST completed is this blackout Roman shade in Caroline's room.  It really is done, but do you see the string reaching across the wall.  It's attached to one of her pegs on the bead board because I have yet to figure out how I want to secure it.

Right now, I've suspended all projects until after Caroline's birthday party.  But then, I will finish them. I will!  I will!  I will!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Funny Faces

Lately, not only will my girls not look at me for a picture at the same time, but they have the funniest looks on their faces too.  They're not outrageously funny because they're not intentional.  They're just kind of awkward glares and looks that I know they'll want to kill me for posting one day!

The picture below is of Elizabeth wearing the same bubble as Caroline two years ago.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Meeting Baby Reese

On Saturday, Bert and the girls got to meet Miss Reese Hill.  I'm hoping Chris was able to get a better picture, but this was the best one from our camera.  I know our girls will have plenty more opportunities for a photo shoot together.  But I'm glad I have this one of the first time they met!

Friday, April 13, 2012

My First Surprise Party and Elizabeth's First High School Dance

At the beginning of 4th period today, one of my students came in saying that Mrs. Johns (our chorus teacher) needed to see me for 2 minutes ASAP.  So I told my seniors to get started, and that I would be right back.  When I walked into the chorus room, Mrs. Johns started playing the piano and the kids started singing a snazzy version of "Happy Birthday."  I felt like I was on Glee because they sounded so good and were swaying and everything.  I promptly started crying!  But the real surprise was waiting for me in my own classroom.  As I walked back in, I realized my lights had all been turned off.  My students were all hiding under the tables and my desk.  They jumped out wearing party hats, shouting "Happy Birthday!", and blowing party horns.  The room was all decorated and they brought in a huge cookie cake.  Apparently, they had been planning this since January when I told them that I had never had a surprise party before.  I don't even remember telling them that, but they decided then to do it. I just love these kids.

Tonight, our school hosted the county's Special Ed Spring Fling Dance.  The SGA is in charge of getting the DJ and decorating the cafeteria.  It is one of mine and my students' favorite events of the year.  I never have trouble recruiting volunteers.  Our students make this a night the special needs kids will never forget.  This year, I brought Elizabeth with me and she had a blast!  She learned the Electric Slide, YMCA, and of course, how to fist pump!  She was right in the middle of all the action the entire time.  I had to practically drag her off the dance floor!  I took some video too that I will definitely be showing her one day before her first real high school dance.

E with Annie and Bethany during set-up

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We had a great Easter weekend.  The weather was beautiful, we had no schedules to keep, and Grandma came to town!  She brought many gifts, including Easter baskets for the girls, birthday presents for Caroline, and birthday presents for me!  It looked like Christmas in our living room when she got there!!

enjoying bubbles that Grandma brought her

dying eggs

the look of concentration while hunting for eggs

Elizabeth loved hiding and hunting for eggs.  We basically just sat and watched her hide them, find them, then hide them again. 

Easter Sunday was so nice.  We woke up and opened Easter baskets, had a good breakfast, then went to church.  After church, I took a nap when the girls did and Grandma cooked the entire Easter dinner.  How spoiled was I?!!  The only thing I made were these cheesecake balls.  Yum!

Bert ordered the chocalate covered egg in the middle from Aunt Charlotte's in New Jersey.  His mom used to put one in the center of their baskets each year, so we wanted to carry on that tradition. 

Happy Easter!