Thursday, September 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Rebeka sent me a flash drive of the pictures from her wedding and oh how happy I was going back through her big day!  Here are a few of my favorites with my girls:)

Monday, September 19, 2016

Random September Photos

This month they had family fun day during Bert's drill weekend.  The kids thought it was so cool to see their daddy on base.  They had so many games and activities.  Now the girls think that the military is all fun and games!  HA!

Go Big Orange!  I had to bribe the girls to wear their smocked Smokey dresses 

We had our own tailgate with the neighbors.  So much fun!  
The girls spent a Sunday afternoon at Pope with me while the SGA kids decorated the halls for homecoming.  

The theme was "Decades" and they did an amazing job.  This was one of my favorites.  The seniors had teachers recreate the Brady Bunch.
This was my all time favorite painting done by one of my students.  So talented!
All the kids ride their scooters through the halls on decorating day.  My girls thought it was so much fun to join in on the fun!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day

Our neighbor's mom owns a beautiful lake house on Lake Lanier.  It stays rented almost year round, and since we can't afford the $8,000 it costs to rent it, we've never gone.  Well.....she let us know this weekend that it was empty and ready for guests.  All we had to pay for was the cleaning service.  We were up there within two hours of her telling us!

Three families went and we had plenty of space since it sleeps 25 people!  It was the perfect getaway and we felt so spontaneous!

Elizabeth loved the tubing.  Caroline wouldn't even try it.

She was nervous at first, but Caroline quickly fell in love with riding fast in the boat.

Baby Aubrey's first time on a boat.  She liked it too.

Sunset skiing

The big girls all enjoyed jumping off of the dock.

Worn out!

The game room was packed with old games.  Bert had a blast with the Star Wars pin ball machine.

So much for a restful weekend.  These girls partied hard!!