Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Movies and Parties

This past weekend was full of movies and parties.  Thankfully, Caroline's stomach bug was short lived.  By Saturday morning, she was good as new.  I was so happy to see my girl smiling again.

On Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth and I went to the fire station to celebrate Brayden's 4th birthday.

the birthday boy waving to the fire truck
getting a lesson on what a fire fighter wears and how to Stop, Drop and Roll

On Saturday night, Bert went out with the guys and Caroline went to bed early (still catching up from being sick).  So Elizabeth and I turned on a fire and a movie.  She got all dressed up for the show and set up all of her friends so they were ready too.  

On Sunday evening, we went to the Morris' for a Super Bowl party.  I think the kids had as much fun as the adults.  They ran wild through the house, playing dress up, and having dance parties during the half-time show.  
being sweet to each other mainly because they were so excited about getting to stay up at "dark time"

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