Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dance Recital

This year the girls took Princess Ballet from Rhythm Dance.  They were able to be in the same class since it was a 3-5 year-old class.  Rehearsals were on Tuesday so I took close-up pictures and video taped it.
Elizabeth Joy
Caroline Lawson
blowing kisses at the end

The show was absolutely amazing!  It was so fun to watch the whole thing.  There was so much talent on that stage.  They kept it moving and switched up the routines between young kids and company kids all while keeping the story line of Annie going.  I'm so glad my little ballerinas were apart of it.

The recital was at Georgia Tech so we ate at the Varsity afterwards.  The girls crashed as soon as we got in the car.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Swim Team and Gymnastics

Elizabeth started summer swim team this year.  She has proven to be a fast learner and she loves it so far!
On her 3rd day of practice, Elizabeth swam the entire 25 meters  using her freestyle stroke.  No doggy paddling.  No holding onto the rope.  Nada!  This girl's determination amazes me!
Both girls started gymnastics last week.  They both love it, but this is the first thing that Caroline has been truly excited about.  She wore her leotard all afternoon and didn't want to leave when class was over.  
Elizabeth had her first swim meet on Thursday.  She was so excited and a little nervous about it.  She had missed practice all week because of cheer camp, had just learned her back stroke, and had not yet practiced diving off the block.  The Eason girls were driving through from North Carolina so they came to cheer her on in the rain.  She did so well.  We were very proud!  She won 1st place in the 25 free style and 3rd place in the 25 back stroke.  

Friday, May 29, 2015

Mini Cheer Camp

During my post-planning days at school, the girls attended our mini cheer camp.  Elizabeth loved learning the routines and Caroline loved being babied by all the cheerleaders.
day 1
Day 3- ready for their exhibition

On the last day of the week, some of the teachers kicked off summer with our annual boat trip on Lake Allatoona.
We are ready for summer!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday was the first day of summer for the girls.  I still have post planning but Friday was pretty light, so I came home early to hangout with these crazies.
They had their last regular scheduled dance practice on Friday afternoon.
This sleepy head is in for a rude awakening when she goes to school full time in the fall.  
We had a summer kick-off cookout on Friday afternoon.  More than 8 families gathered in our driveway to celebrate the beginning of summer!
Nichole and I are two teachers who are ready for summer!

On Sunday after church we ate lunch at the House of Lu on the square.  Eating Chinese food didn't feel very American of us, but we were excited to find a new favorite Chinese spot.

On Monday morning we ran the Memorial Day 10K to raise money for veterans.  It was my one year anniversary of my very first 5K.  It's been a fun journey.
I love these pictures taken from the race.  First of all, yes... that old man was about to pass me because I am a SLOW runner.  My face cracks me up.  I was determined to not get beat by him.  Bert was also determined.  He ran an incredible race and was way ahead of me the entire time.  In the last quarter mile he slowed down so I could catch up and we crossed the finish line together.  This was the first race we finished together.  We were talking and laughing the whole way in.  I loved it!
Gretchen and I organized our neighborhood luau on Monday afternoon.  Despite the scattered rain and holiday weekend, we had a fantastic turnout.  And a lot of fun!
sweet friends
When I saw this picture I realized that Elizabeth is not towering over her friends so much anymore.  She must be slowing down.  Riley and Bentley are both 5 (more than 6 months younger than Elizabeth). and they are all about the same height.  It's a random observation, but that's what I noticed.  Either way, she definitely takes after her daddy... tall and skinny.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Day of School

I barely blinked and my oldest baby is done with kindergarten.  Yesterday was her last day and all afternoon she kept reminding me that she is "officially a 1st grader now." How can that be?! 

Elizabeth has grown up so much this year.  Sadly, she doesn't like wearing bows or smocked dresses anymore.  And she's very particular as to how she wants her hair styled, and sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a teenager.  But she's also learned so much and somehow became even more independent.  Art is her favorite subject, but she also loved and talked about math station every day.  According to Ms. Arasi, she is almost reading at a 2nd grade level (which she must get from her daddy).  They asked to have her tested for the gifted program, and she scored in the 99th percentile.  I  knew she was smart, but not "gifted" smart.  I'm super proud of her, especially her work ethic.  That's what I pray she never loses.
What a blessing this year has been!  Bye-bye kindergarten!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Meg's Shower

This weekend I went to Knoxville to celebrate Meghan and her sweet baby boy, James.  It was such a nice, intimate shower.  We had it at Lyon's View Country Club.  It had the most amazing view of the river.
Pledge class sisters: After 17 years, we still show up for each other!

We made a mini-girls trip out of it.  After the shower, we went back to Meg's to see the nursery.  Then we checked into our hotel room, and went to Aubrey's for a early dinner and drinks on the patio.  It was the perfect little getaway!

Friday, May 15, 2015

My Kindergartner

Elizabeth had her kindergarten program today.  All kindergarten classes performed songs for the parents in the cafeteria.  

Then we went back to their individual classrooms for Author's Tea, breakfast, and a video montage that the teachers put together.  I did not cry on the first day of kindergarten, but I definitely did today!

For Author's Tea, the kids created their own books.  They wrote them, illustrated them, and bound them.  Then they read them to us and we signed the back.  My favorite part of Elizabeth's book is her dedication.  She wrote, "I dedicate this book to my sister, Caroline, because I love her so much!"

I love the way she's looking at her daddy.
The best family pic we could get.
Today I was overwhelmed with how blessed my little girl is.  She goes to an excellent school with incredible teachers who love her so much.  Her first year was definitely a success! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day

I didn't take one picture of me with my girls on Mother's Day.  After church, we spent the afternoon poolside at a friend's house.  It was so relaxing and nice.  The only pictures I took were of the kids playing in the pool.  I'm not sure who had a better Mama's Day, me or the girls:)
Caroline can seriously nap anywhere!
Elizabeth is such a little mama.  She loves taking care of Lola and Vivian.
Big girls jumping in the deep end!
And as soon as we got home, Caroline fell asleep again.  She plays so hard and sleeps so hard!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Is it summer time yet?

We finally worked in the flowerbeds last weekend.  I took a picture because I have no idea how long I'll be able to keep everything alive!  Bert dug up one of our many green bushes, and I planted an azalea there instead.  Hopefully it will return next year too:-)

I'm not the only one finding it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning.  They come downstairs and get in our bed and go right back to sleep while I'm getting ready.

As always, we play outside every afternoon.  But we are staying up later and later.  It's so hard to go in when it's so pretty and fun outside!
My friend, Christine, and I were runners up after being nominated for Teacher of the Year.  Our other friend and coworker won and is so very deserving.  I was honored to even be considered with these 2 amazing teachers.  
I never knew how much I would love watching Elizabeth play soccer.  She is pretty good and I can tell she is having so much fun when she plays.  Who knew I would love being a soccer mom!
Caroline and Emma Kate are the sweetest little supporters of their soccer playing sisters!

We had Muffins with Mom yesterday, and it was a real treat!  They had prepared songs and letters and pictures.  They even had one drawing that had a bar code on it.  When  I scanned Elizabeth's, it was a you tube video of her reading a story she wrote about me.  So special!