Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Weekend

After school on Good Friday we headed to Franklin to spend Easter with my parents, Hannah, Rebeka, and Conner.  
Saturday was so beautiful so we went to the park.
We ate lunch from the yummiest food truck
Saturday afternoon we went to the Odom's to play and cookout.  I absolutely loved watching our kids play so much together.  I so wish we lived closer!
The Easter bunny found us in Franklin!

These sweet sisters fill my heart with so much joy!
Caroline's silly faces always make me laugh.
Elizabeth's striking poses always make me laugh too.

Lisa and her boyfriend drove in to spend Easter with us as well.  We attempted to take a time group selfie:-)

On Sunday evening we all enjoyed some time together around the fire pit.
Easter has always been my favorite holiday for all the right reasons (my salvation) and some other reasons (I was born on Easter so my birthday is near!)

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring is Here!

It has been unseasonably warm lately.  Then the first day of spring came and it was cold again.  But we sure have loved this warm weather!

Elizabeth is blessed to be at a school that hosts Rise Up on Fridays which is a Christian after school class.  
Our Saturday afternoons have been spent watching this girl do her thing on the soccer field.  She is amazing and makes me so proud.  Not just because she is a natural athlete, but because she gives 100% of herself the entire time!
Elizabeth's favorite fans cheer loud for her on the sideline!

There have been a lot of afternoons spent playing outside.  On this particular day it was hot enoug!
Elizabeth and Riley are so sweet together
This picture makes it obvious that one of my girls is not a fan of being out the door before the sun rises.
Our PTSA served us lunch and put March Madness on the big screen for us on Friday.  I don't really care about the basketball games but I love the fellowship with my teacher friends.
This past Friday night we let the kids stay up way too late and make smores by the fire pit.
She called this "The Statue of Caroline!"
On Saturday Gretchen and I hosted our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. We had over 50 kids with their families show up.  What a blessing it is to live in this neighborhood! 
After the egg hunt a prom picture party showed up to take pictures at our clubhouse.  These girls were in total awe of the beautiful gowns that the gorgeous young ladies wore.
Elizabeth went to spend the night with a friend on Saturday night so we had a date night with Caroline.  One on one time is so special!  My heart might explode for love of my girls.
Both girls performed separately for Palm Sunday.  Hosanna in the Highest!!
After church, Bert took the girls to the Y for their Easter activities.  They had an egg hunt, bouncy houses, moon bounces, and so many other fun activities.  He sent me this picture that said, "Better get the shout out!"  These girls had so much fun on their daddy date!
After baths on Sunday night, both girls were asleep by 6:30.  This busy weekend wore them out!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Life Lately

Basically we've been doing everything we can to enjoy the beautiful weather lately.

Celebrating Aubrey's 1st Birthday!

Caroline and Michael

This girl loves her hip hop class because they "let her do her own moves":)

Elizabeth's school dance was 80s/Neon theme this year.  Coincidentally, Caroline had 80s dress up day at school on the same day.  Win!!

E with her besties from her class (Sophia and Naomi) and with her fantastic teacher Ms. Moffett.

Watching these kids fill up my backyard and play on the swing set makes me so very happy.

Mackenzie, Melissa, and I went to hear Glennon from Momastery speak.  This was my second time hearing her and she still inspires me.  What a great night out with my girls.

My girls waiting for the Pope soccer game to start.

Caroline loves her "Lula" aka Lola.
I've been trying to post one picture a day on instagram so that I can make my first chatbook.