Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Girls Weekend in Nashville 2017

This year we went to Nashville for our girls trip. Nashville has changed so much since I lived there 10 years ago.  I've always loved it, but it's so cool and hip now.  I almost felt too old to be there...ha!  It feels more like LA to me, but I still love it so much!
Melissa and I left bright and early Friday morning.  We met Kristy, Christy, Mackenzie, and Madison at Christy's house in Mt. Juliet.   
Our first stop was in East Nashville at restaurant called Butcher and Bee.  So hip:)

Our house wasn't ready until 3:00 so we shopped around the cutest little boutiques in Fatherland (also in east Nashville).  None of this was there was I lived in Nashville.. so cool.

The house we rented had A LOT of stairs.  It was 4 stories in all, but still felt cozy.

Friday night we went to eat and go out in the Gulch.  This area was there 10 years ago, but it was just getting started.  We ate dinner at Finn and Pearl... yummy seafood.

I say in between Kristy and Mackenzie... we had too much fun!  Our table was a round booth which was perfect because we could all see each other and we felt tucked away from everyone else.

I had delicious salmon for dinner
We were so silly during dinner.  That's actually Mackenzie's hand photo bombing our picture... she was pouting because we couldn't fit her in.. so silly:)

After dinner we went to a swanky roof top bar called the L.A. Jackson.  Again, I felt like we were back in LA.  It was even warm enough for us to be outside without freezing.
We got a table outside under a heat lamp.

We took Saturday morning nice and slow.  Then we went to lunch at Cochon Butcher in Germantown.

The weather was overcast but unseasonably warm so we sat outside on the patio.

Then we walked to our next stop which was picking us up at the farmer's market.  We tried to take selfies along the way.  I think we're too old for this!!

I have never gone on the Nash Trash Tours before, and was so excited to do it!  It was absolutely hilarious, in a raunchy kind of way.  I definitely had laugh abs when we were done.

More selfies waiting to get on the bus

Madison was my busmate on the tour.  Christy wanted to be with us... ha!

The Jugg Sisters
They served crackers and cheese whiz as appetizers to everyone.  

We ate dinner at The Southern.  One of my favorites of the weekend.
Then we hit Honky Tonk row.

I tried on Kristy's hat... I definitely can't pull this look off.

We were so proud of ourselves for actually going out two nights in a row.  But on the way home we realized it was only 10:00 p.m.... not as cool as we thought.
When we got home we had a birthday celebration for Christy and played games.

We also celebrated Madison being done with chemo and beating cancer!
Sunday we went to brunch at Pinewood Social... my absolute favorite of the weekend.

After brunch we went back to the house, sat outside on the balcony, and played cards.  This was honestly my favorite day!  I love my people!!

Sunset on our balcony on our last night.