Friday, October 28, 2016

Tritt Tiger Dash

Each fall the girls' school hosts the Tritt Tiger Dash.  The kids raise money and then compete in a mega obstacle course with their class.  I was able to go over and watch them during my lunch break.  
Caroline and her best friend Mary were inseparable

Her class didn't win but they did earn the "kindness" award for cheering on the other classes.

2nd graders crack me up!  

After school that Friday, the three of us enjoyed some well earned mani/pedis!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


This post is all about Caroline Lawson Kelly.  My sweet little angel who is quickly gaining a mind all her own!
  • Caroline can eat all the time.  When she's presented with something new, she always says she doesn't like it.  When I finally convince her to try it, she almost always changes her mind.
  • Whenever we make Caroline mad, she will tell us, "You're so rude!"  She says it with such conviction, it's so hard not to laugh.

  • Caroline is the typical kid who saves all of her whininess for home.  She never gets in trouble at school and most people only get to know the sweet, quiet Caroline.  Which she is.  But she definitely has a sassy side that most people don't see.
  • She is still the hugest mama's girl.  She is almost always by my side.

  • 4 out of 7 nights a week she sneaks down to our room in the middle of the night.  Most nights, we don't even notice because she just slips in the middle between us in our king size bed.  
  • Caroline is a home body.  She would prefer to stay home rather than run errands with me any day of the week.  

  • She is totally boy crazy.  And she's had her share of "boyfriends" already.  She's even had her first kiss.  Braxton was in her  preK class and  is now at Tritt as well.  His mom and I hit it off too so we had a play date at the pool in August.  When they were leaving, Braxton walked straight up to her (in front of all of us) and said bye to Caroline, then hugged her, and then kissed her square on the lips.  We all just froze!  Braxton's mom and I were speechless for a minute.  Then she told Braxton that was inappropriate and that he couldn't kiss her anymore.  He was so disappointed, and I think Caroline was too.
  • When we are in the car, Caroline sings at the top of her lungs with dramatic motions like she's performing.  It's the most entertaining thing to watch.
  • She also falls asleep in the car all the time.  At least twice a week, she passes out on the way home from school.  Kindergarten is tough!
  • She loves dance and tumbling and is always performing for us.
  • She is super sensitive and not the bravest.  She still doesn't like water slides or rollercoasters.  She won't tube behind a boat or even ride without sitting on my lap.  She warms up slowly to things and is quite cautious.  It's nice change of pace from our dare devil Elizabeth who keeps us on our toes.
  • If she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't. Even if all the other kids are doing something, she won't cave if it doesn't interest her.  I hope she carries this with her throughout high school.

  • She loves to have her back scratched, especially at night before she falls asleep.
  • She adores her big sister.  She runs to Elizabeth first whenever she's getting in trouble, as if Elizabeth can save her.  This little girl has a way of steeling your heart and making you laugh even when you're mad at her.  Our family is so blessed by her.  She has no idea how much she is adored!

  • I asked Caroline the same questions I asked Elizabeth.  Here are her answers:
    1. What's your favorite color? pink
    2. What's your favorite TV show? Jake and the Neverland Pirates
    3. What do you want to be when you grow up? a vet 
    4. What's your favorite food? speghetti
    5. What's your favorite thing about Caroline? She hugs and kisses me.
    6. What's your favorite thing about mom? She takes me to fun places.
    7. What's your favorite thing about dad? He sits with me at bedtime.


    This post is all about Elizabeth Joy  Kelly.  She is 7 1/2 years old and I treasure this age so very much.  In some ways she is growing up too fast (like how she asks me daily to buy her a sports bra), and in other ways she is still my baby girl (like when she asks me to carry her up the stairs to bed).  Here are a few fun facts about my Lizzy.
    • She is a hugger.  Her heart is big and she loves hard.  Physical touch is her love language.  She gives the best hugs.  Each morning on the way to her class, she stops by to hug both her kindergarten and 1st grade teachers.  Even if only a couple of hours have passed since she last saw her friends, she will hug them when she sees them.

    • She is a perfectionist with her homework.  She always has been and I assume she always will be.  Once a week, they  have to take these online diagnostic tests at home.  It's material that they haven't covered in class yet, but the teacher wants to know what they already know.  This is the hardest concept for Elizabeth to grasp.  When she is asked a question that she doesn't know, it just about kills her!

    • She is very athletic and competive.  Every sport she has tried has come easy to her, soccer, swim, tennis, dance, and tumbling.  If you ask her which one is her favorite, she'll name the one that she's currently playing.  She asked me to play basketball this winter, and she can't wait for volleyball.  I just love watching her play and develop.  It will be fun to see what she ends up settling into.

    • She is very adventurous and daring.  There is very little that scares her which terrifies me!
    • She doesn't want to miss out on anything.  She's very social, and if she thinks there is something going on, she wants to be a part of it. 

    • She sleeps like a teenager.  On Saturdays she will easily sleep until 10:00 if we let her. She also can have the attitude of a teenager!
    • She loves taking care of little ones.  She is the best little mama.

    • Elizabeth is my eater.  She loves to try new things.  She doesn't always like it, but she's always willing to try it.  She prefers to  buy her lunch.  I think because she gets to choose something different every day.  

    • She is a busy body like her mama.  It's really hard for her to set still.  My dad use to call me "Jessica Got-to-Go Douglass" and that is exacctly how I would describe Elizabeth.  Unlike her sister, Elizabeth loves to run errands with me and go shopping... just being out and about.

    • She is super smart, but super stubborn.  She's a rule follower until she decides she doesn't like the rules.  Then she does what she wants.  This gets her in trouble sometimes.  What I love about this age though is that she can talk about it and she understands her consequences.

    • She is still super independent.  She doesn't need help with most things.  She doesn't even read out loud to us at night anymore.  While I read with Caroline, she reads by herself in her room "in her head".  She has also started carrying a book around with her so she can read whenever she wants.  I think its because now that she reads all chapter books, she's always in the middle of a good book. 
    • She is THE BEST big sister.  Don't get me wrong, they argue and fight.  But they are definitely best friends.  And I love this girl more than she will ever know!

    I asked Elizabeth a few questions about her favorites right now, below are her answers:
    1. What's your favorite color? blue
    2. What's your favorite TV show? Liv and Maddie
    3. What do you want to be when you grow up? a vet and an artist
    4. What's your favorite food? pot roast and speghetti
    5. What's your favorite thing about Caroline? She's sweet and smart.
    6. What's your favorite thing about mom? She's encouraging.
    7. What's your favorite thing about dad? He's handsome.

    Friday, October 14, 2016

    Fall Fun

    The girls had their annual Walk to School day last week.  Caroline's teacher (she was Elizabeth's kindergarten teacher too) invited her students to meet at her house.  She lives in the neighborhood across the street from Tritt.  There  was another group walking from their clubhouse, so as soon as that group reached Mrs. Smith's (formerly Ms. Arasi) they all joined together.  My girls would do this every single day if they could!

    When we drove through Orlando after getting off our cruise ship, we stopped so I could sit with Madison while she had her chemo treatment.  This girl continues to amaze me with her strength, intelligence, and beauty!
    Bert and I went to Athens for the Tennessee/Georgia game.  It w as the most exciting game I've been to in a very long time!  I'm so glad we won!!

    Singing Rocky Top in Athens!

    Thursday, October 13, 2016

    Southern Belle Farm

    Last weekend we went to Southern Belle Farm to pick out a pumpkin and enjoy all the activities they have to offer.  And they offer everything!  From corn maze to hay rides to pig races... they have it all!
    We've gone there for a few years.  I love a good tradition!

    pumpkin pickin is hard:)