Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fall Break

Elizabeth asks me all the time to take a selfie with her while we wait in car line.  On the Friday before Fall Break, I happily obliged!
I also found this selfie on my phone... a little bit scary.
My girls have graduated to showers, but Caroline still enjoys a bath from time tot ime.
We left for Memphis on  Saturday morning at 6:00 am to head to my Uncle Daryl's for a Douglass family reunion.
It might be Fall break, but in the south it's still swimming weather!
Their shirts tell me I completely failed as an aunt!  Go Vols!!
My girls love their Pappa.  I love that Caroline's middle name comes from him and she smiles like him too!  Love!!!

After the reunion I had to draw our family tree for Elizabeth to show how we were all related.

On Sunday we went to the top of the pyramid with our cousins, Aunt Melanie, and Grandma.

When we got home, I spent some time cleaning up the backyard and getting the fire pit ready for fall.

Bert put together the swing set that we were given and it has seriously changed our world.  The kids all love it and play out back every chance they get.  
These picture wrap up our trip to the Apple Orchard.

One morning we woke up and decided to hike Kennesaw Mountain.  It was a great workout and fun family time followed by lunch at Mountain Biscuits...YUM!

On Thursday night it started raining and still hasn't stopped.  Melissa, Reese, and Anna Lee came to hang out with us on Friday.  I was a fantastically relaxing day with sweet friends.
On Saturday we cheered on our Volunteers and cried at the end of the 4th quarter:(
After church on Sunday we went to the North Georgia Fair.  Elizabeth is tall enough to ride every ride, and she did without any fear.  Caroline, on the other hand, was terrified of even the fun house.  She did warm up after a while though. 
Elizabeth was trying to talk Caroline into riding the "baby" rollercoaster. 
After agreeing, she still wasn't so sure.
She did it!
Caroline loved riding the pony.

Elizabeth loved the upside down rides, the fast rides, and the spinny rides.  Thankfully Lisa was willing to ride them all with her.
Caroline said she liked the slide, but her face says otherwise.
I basically had to force Caroline to get on the ferris wheel.  She shook a little at the top, but by the end she said she liked it.  She mustive liked it enough because she asked to ride the ski lift next.

Elizabeth was excited to upgrade to the "high" swings.  I was so nervous I couldn't even watch her.

Whether we go somewhere exciting like Disney World or have a stacycation at home, I LOVE having a fall break! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Apple Picking in Ellijay

Today was officially the first day of fall and since we were on fall break, we took a family trip to Ellijay to do a little apple picking.  It was a gorgeous day to drive through the North Georgia mountains, pick some apples, and then eat dinner in downtown Ellijay.  

These girls were excited to fill their apple sacks.
Lifting up his girls to get the apples gave Bert a great arm workout today.

I lifted up Elizabeth once which was plenty enough for me.  I decided to let her daddy do the work while I continued taking pictures.

Caroline was super proud of her apples that she could barely carry,
Both girls loved the petting farm.
A perfect way to welcome fall!