Monday, October 27, 2014

Tiger Dash

Elizabeth's school did an fundraiser where she asked parents (basically grandparents) to sponsor her as she was challenged to complete an obstacle course.  It was called the Tritt Tiger Dash.  We all got to go cheer for her.  It was a beautiful day and so much fun!
Caroline was her sister's best cheerleader
Elizabeth with some of her classmates.  Clearly we wore the wrong purple Tritt shirt.  Oops.

Her class sign.  She LOVES Ms. Arasi!

Elizabeth was in her element for sure!
Me and my baby cheering on big sister.

Little sister was a big hit with Elizabeth's friends.  I hope she always wants to include her!

After she completed an obstacle, Elizabeth would come running up and hug her sister!  Melt my heart!!!

After they were all done and the field was clear, we let Caroline give it a try.  She loved doing what her big sister had been doing.

Pumpkin Patch

A couple of weeks ago we went to the Pumpkin Patch with our neighbors, the Powells.  We went to Cagles because it was closest.  I was sad because its not near as good as our usual spot, Southern Belle Farms.  But the kids loved it!

2 years ago.  Elizabeth was Caroline's age here.  How do they grow up so fast?
Pumpkin Patch 3 years ago

Elizabeth at Cagle's Farm with her cousins 4 years ago.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Pumpkins

We've been very busy with usual stuff with the added fall activities.  We went to the pumpkin patch almost 2 weeks ago and I still need to load those pictures. But for now I'll just post my phone pics of my little pumpkins loving fall!
This little skinny minnie might be too long for some of last years pants, but she can still wear some of her tops from 2 years ago!  Yay!
We painted pumpkins
We melted crayons on a pumpkin.  This was their favorite!
And we hung pumpkins.  We are ready for Halloween!

Elizabeth and Bentley played while I got my hair done.
Elizabeth was happy to wear her rain boots on a rainy day.
By Thursday, I was over eating chicken and broccoli for dinner every night.  But overall, choosing 7 items for 5 days wasn't really that bad.  It wasn't fun, but it wasn't awful either!
Bert sent me this picture of Caroline.  They were on their way to watch Elizabeth complete her obstacle course at the Tritt Tiger Dash.  It was so fun that we all got to be there to cheer for her (pics to come)!
My Fairytale Ballerina
There's been a lot of play time outside in this gorgeous weather.
After soccer on Saturday, I took Elizabeth to a birthday party at the bowling alley.  We've never taken the girls bowling before.  She had a blast!
Saturday night we went to Screen on the Green at Elizabeth's school.  This is her BFF, Miller.
Caroline loved playing on the "big kid" playground.
We walked to the square for lunch after church on Sunday.  We ate outside and enjoyed the perfect weather!

Caroline and I took a shadow selfie.
Caroline enjoyed the wind on her face:)

The kindergarteners dressed up in 50s attire for the 50th day of school.  Elizabeth kept telling me, "Mom, did you know I'm 50 days smarter now.  One day I'll be smart enough to be a teacher like you."  I just want to bottle up that sweetness and save it.  I hope she feels the same way when she's a teenager.  ha!