Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

The girls got to wear their halloween costumes to school today.  So that they wouldn't get their "real" costumes dirty, I had them pick out one of the any from their playroom.  Elizabeth chose Tinkerbell and Caroline chose Minnie.  

This was the very best pic of them together.  I'm hoping there's a better one from the school parade.
Tonight we went Trick or Treating with the kids on our street.  Seriously, these kids have the life!

As soon as we started walking Caroline said, "I want to ride."  She didn't walk up to one single door.  She was as happy as could be sitting in the wagon enjoying the ride.

These 3 were inseparable all night.  Our hands may be full with these girls in a few years:))
It was a beautiful and warm night here.  The perfect evening to kick off the holiday season!! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trunk or Treat

I had to miss our neighborhood's Trunk or Treat this year because of homecoming.  But I did get the girls ready so Bert could take them.  I was so sad when I dropped them off, but I know they had a blast!

My cute cowgirl and sweet cow!

These costumes were 100% Elizabeth's choice this year.

I made these little screen/mesh bags for the girls to go trick-or-treating with.  They are so excited about Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Daddy's Girls

My girls sure do love their daddy and it makes my heart happy!!

And I just love these shoes so much on my sweet little angel.

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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Whew!  This past week was homecoming week, and it always kicks my butt!  Our theme this year was Cities.  The seniors had Atlanta, of course, and they were all about it!  

Celebrity Day was my favorite.  Meet Britney, Billie Ray Cyrus, Madea, Hillary Duff, and Elvis

Had to throw in a picture of my sweet girls on "orange day" at their school.

This was our senior homecoming court.  I've had the pleasure of knowing these girls for 4 years, and they're not only gorgeous but absolutely the sweetest girls ever.  
Our dance was held outside in a tent this year.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  The kids made memories that they will remember forever, and best of all.... IT'S OVER!!!
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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Bert had to work in Savannah this weekend, so I decided to tag along with him!  We got there just in time for his meeting at their Savannah office, then we checked into our hotel and got ready for the night.  First, we walked to The Olde Pink House to grab a pre-dinner cocktail.  It started sprinkling on the way there but we just kept walking (what else can you do)?  It stopped while we were inside the haunted basement having a drink.

This lady was the live entertainment for the night.  She was a hoot!  It was fun to listen to her while we people watched.  There were a lot of different types of people in there: from bachelorette parties, to older more sophisticated people, to drag queens (just 1).  It was fun!

We knew the restaurant we were eating dinner at was a little off the beaten path, so we decided to take a bike taxi instead of walking.  I absolutely loved this!  He shared so much of the city's history it felt like our own personal tour.  He even stopped and took detours (without charging more) since we weren't in a hurry.  It was so romantic and relaxing.

One of the landmarks we biked by was this beautiful cathedral that was under construction when we were there 4 years ago and still is.   We were told it is scheduled to be completed soon.  

We ate dinner at Elizabeth on 37th.  It was absolutely amazing!  Probably the best meal I've had EVER!  

On Saturday, Bert and I went for a run together.  We've actually never ran together before.  I have to say, I really enjoyed running and chatting with my hubby.  Maybe it's because Savannah is a lot flatter than Atlanta so it was a little easier, or maybe the architecture was so stunning, or maybe the company was just really good:))  We ran to and around Forsythe Park twice and decided that we would really like to live in one of the row houses one day.  This might just be our retirement destination!


Bert had to work a street festival that his company was sponsoring Saturday afternoon so I walked around the City Market.  Around 12:00 I got a call from a friend who was also in town with her husband and another couple.  They were at the City Market too!  What a small world.

We sat outside of Wild Wings watching the football games and listening to the band that was playing.  It was the most relaxing, enjoyable Saturday I've had in a long time.  For 4 hours, we just sat there eating, chatting, and watching football.  The weather was beautiful.  Apparently no one told Savannah it is fall yet.  We had 80 degree weather the entire time.

After his festival was over, Bert and I went to eat at the famous Vinnie Van Go Go's. We lucked out and got the last table outside in the City Market street.  The food was so yummy!  I am not a picky pizza eater, but my husband is.  He said it was yummy too!

Then we headed to the top of the Bohemian Hotel on River Street.  It started raining on our walk there, but we still went outside to snap a picture.  One thing that I love about Savannah is that you can walk around with a drink in your hand.  So we ordered a drink there, then left with it for our next spot.  

Our next spot was the Moon River Brewing Company.  It is supposed to be the most haunted place in Savannah.  And since Savannah is the most haunted city, I guess that makes this place the most haunted building in the world!
Our friends Michele, Rob, Sloan, and Greg met up with us there.  Then another couple walked in and the girl was wearing some wild patterned leggings like my pants.  She immediately said to me, "I'm so glad someone else is wearing fun pants!  I feel like everyone is staring at me."  I assured her that 1) they probably weren't, and 2) who cares?  I found out she was also a teacher and her husband was the head football coach at her school.  We were instant friends and the guys all hit it off too.  So our  new friends Rachel and Brad joined us the rest of the night!

Our next stop was The Rail.  It was a fun kareoke bar.  We were definitely the oldest ones in the bar, but we had the best seat in the house!

me, Michele, Sloan, Rachel

It was so nice to get away and have some quality time with my husband and fun times with some friends.  But as always, we were very eager to get home to our babies.   
I hope to see you again soon Savannah!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Photos from Last Weekend

While Bert's mom was keeping the girls for us at our house, Ms. Linda across the street invited them over for a play date.  My girls love Ms. Linda. She hosted a pumpkin painting party for her grandkids and invited my girls to join in.  They had a blast!

This was a picture posted on Saturday for advertisement for the Greyhound Nation Celebration.  Their names weren't mentioned, only that they were future Pope Greyhounds!
Zelda and I made the photo collage from the GNC.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Anniversary Weekend

Bert's mom came to stay with us this weekend and help take care of the girls.  On Friday night, Bert and I had to divide and conquer.  He had a reception for the Troy Atlanta Alumni Association.  Since he's the president, he couldn't get out of it to come to my school's big foundation fundraiser.  I spent the night at our Greyhound Nation Celebration.  We had a blast and raised a lot of money for our school!

On Saturday, Bert and I went downtown to cheer on the Troy Trojans against Georgia State.  It wasn't pretty, but we walked away with a W!

We were invited to sit in the President's suite at the Georgia Dome with the Chancellor and his wife and guests.  Free food and drinks is always a plus!
On Saturday night, we sat around our fire pit and relaxed with some of our neighbors.  Bert decided to get rid of some of our old wicker pieces that had been destroyed by the weather.  It was a quite a show!

Today is our 6th anniversary.  Since this weekend was already so cram-packed, we decided to celebrate next weekend when I go to Savannah with Bert for a work trip.  Plus, we had a lot of time away from our kids this weekend.  All we wanted to do today was play with them!

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