Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

This was a beautiful weekend to spend with our beautiful little babies!

Elizabeth rode her bike to the park.  And I pulled Caroline in the wagon.  It was really sunny, but also very chilly.  One thing I love about our neighborhood is that we have our own park, but we also have a great one outside the neighborhood that's even closer.  It never fails that we run into one of ourneighborhood friends when we go.  This time, Elizabeth got to play with Laney.

Elizabeth decided to ride in the wagon on the way home.  And apparently decided she needed a hat on top of her hood.  That girl is so goofy!

Caroline was quit comfy laying on her big sister.

Here's a picture of me and my girls before church this morning.  I love it when we're ready in enough time to snap a few pictures!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday, Caroline met her new docter, Dr. Kallay at her 9 month check-up.  I couldn't believe that when we measured her, she was a 1/4 inch longer than Elizabeth was at this age.  At 30 1/4 inches long, she too, is off the charts in height.  She weighed 18lbs 9oz which puts her in the 50th percentile.  The most important part of the visit was the he cleared her for surgery today.

So this morning, we headed to the hospital at 5:30am.  I was a little anxious about the anesthesia, but Caroline was as happy as ever this morning.  They let me walk back to the operating room with her and hold her hand as she went to sleep.

Then, they took me to the post-op room to wait.  I waited all of about 7 minutes before Caroline was in there with me!  She was really hungry when she woke up so I fed her a bottle immediately.

She was back to her normal, happy self by the time we got home.

Her ENT said Caroline might not feel like eating much today.  She obviously doesn't know how much my children like to eat!  I'm so thankful for a successful procedure and a healthy baby!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Caroline is 9 Months Old

Tonight after her bath, I decided to go ahead and take Caroline's 9 month picture (a day early- I'm such a rebel)!  Her hair was still wet, and she was quite sleepy.  But she was still my sweet, content little girl. 

Caroline, at 9 months old, here's what's going on with you:
  • I'm not sure how much you weigh, but you are wearing 12 month clothes. 
  • You wear size 3 diapers, and just moved up to size 3 shoes. 

  • I noticed your first tooth really poking out while we were in Memphis on December 28th.

  • Your second tooth came through on January 9th.  They are both on the bottom and so cute.

  • We were late starting you on yogurt melts, but they have quickly become like baby crack to you! 

  • Your personality is really shining and you are such an amazing little person.

  • You are definitely a mama's girl.  In the last week, you've started a little separation anxiety when someone else is holding you.  Even if it's your daddy.  If I'm near you at all, you will reach and reach for me or cry when I walk out of the room.  I love that you want me so much!

  • You are the sweetest cuddler.  When I'm holding you, you always tuck your head and lean against my chest.  It is the most precious thing in the world!

  • Whenever you get excited, which happens all the time, you smile really big and clinch your fists really tight. 

  • You are still a fantastic sleeper, even a great napepr now.  You sleep at least 12 hours each night and two 1-2 hour naps each day. 

  • You still don't like to be rocked.  We just lay you straight down into your crib and you lay there for about 3 minutes before you fall asleep.  And when you wake up in the morning, you just roll around and jabber.  You never wake up upset or go to bed upset.  It makes life so much easier!

  • You are not crawling yet, but you're starting to think about it.  When you're sitting, you will lean forward, put your hands on the floor, and try to get up on all fours.  You then start rocking as if you might actually go somewhere!

  • Caroline, your bright eyes and constant smile fill me up with joy.  I am so lucky to be your mama.  Happy 9 Month Birthday sweet little girl!
    Here you are at 3, 6, and 9 months old.

    And here's a comparison of Elizabeth and Caroline at 9 months. Sometimes you two look identical to me, and the very next moment you seem so different.  You are the perfect pair!

    Girl Time

    Christy, Betsy, Meghan, and Mackenzie all stayed at our house this weekend for Melissa's shower.  Elizabeth really loved all of the girl time we had together.

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Goofy and Random

    This is a random post with some goofy pictures.  I couldn't get one good picture of Elizabeth singing Happy Birthday to her daddy.  But we did get it on video which I love even more.

    Elizabeth is her sweetest when she's playing with Caroline.  She loves to show her new things or how things work.  

    Elizabeth sat down and actually watched the Little Mermaid in her playroom.  It was the first time she's sat to watch a movie without getting bored.  It was neat to watch her understand the movie and talk to me about it.

    This was the first time Elizabeth rode her bike all the way to our park.  She felt so independent.  

    And even though you can't tell by this picture, this was the first time Caroline actually enjoyed swinging.

    We went to dinner to celebrate Bert's birthday.  Elizabeth gets so excited about birthdays.  She keeps saying "My birthday is in February.  Everybody's coming."  I'm not quite sure who "everybody" is to her, but I hope they show up!  

    Elizabeth spent most of Saturday playing in her playroom.  Every time I checked on her, all of her dolls were in a different location.  This time she was serving them tea.  At one point, she had all the chairs lined up in a row so the babies could watch a movie.  Then she moved them by her book case for "reading corner." 

    And finally, a silly picture of my girl riding, as she would say, "like mommy" on the way to church. 

    Friday, January 13, 2012

    Caroline's 8 Month Pictures

    Over Christmas break, my sweet neighbor, Nichole, came over to take Caroline's 8 month pictures.  It was so convenenient to just call her when Caroline woke up from her nap and say, "We're ready.  Come on over." Caroline was all smiles.  And we found a great use for my wedding dress!

    She took this picture of Caroline that reminds me so much of the ones Katy took at Elizabeth's one year pictures.


    Thankfully, the weather was more like a nice spring day and not a winter day.  So we took the girls outside to snap a few shots.  No matter how many jump and jacks I did or funny sounds Nichole made, we couldn't get them to look at us.  They were may more interested in the leaves. 

    Sweet Sisters!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Tuesday, January 10, 2012

    A Late Christmas Celebration

    Bert's dad (aka: Grandad) came over for a Christmas lunch after church on Sunday.  He was sick on the day we originally planned, so we had to postpone it. Beter late than never!

    Grandad's girlfriend, Bonnie, brought her grandson over as well.  Carter and Elizabeth had fun eating lunch and playing together. 

    Our girls are so lucky to have such wonderful grandparents that love them so much.