Monday, June 30, 2014

Zoo Day and Girl Night

We went to the zoo today with our favorite twins, Lola and Vivian, and their mommy.  I don't think the zoo will ever get old for my girls as long as they stay this age forever!  They love i!!
front row seats to an elephant bath
acting like birds in their "bird's nest"
Feeding the giraffes was definitely their favorite part today!
Right at lunch time it started raining, so we took refuge in the Education Station stand.  The girls felt so special having a picnic in the covered area.  I was just happy to be dry:).  It cleared up enough for the girls to play on the playground and ride the carousel.  Happy girls!
Tonight, I went with some girlfriends to Corkscrews and Canvas.  It was such a fun evening with sweet friends.  

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Sunday, June 29, 2014


Last week we had VBS.  It was an incredibly fun and exhausting week.  My girls learned so much about Jesus's love for us.  I loved watching them dance and sing and praise God.  I led a crew this year which was equally fun and exhausting.  I napped every single day with the girls after VBS.

VBS day 1

We spent the rainy afternoon inside painting their tea set.
After dinner, the rain cleared up so we went for frozen yogurt:)
day 2 of VBS
I love how Caroline admires her big sister
We spent that evening at the pool.  Right after we ordered our pizza, the rain came and didn't stop for a while.  The kids didn't mind at all!
Elizabeth with her handsome pool dates, Jackson and Brayden

VBS day 3

VBS day 4
By Friday, we were doing good just to get out of the house on time.  No time to take a picture, plus my hands were full with bathing suits and towels because it was water day at VBS.  Since we were already wet, we decided to go to White Water afterwards.  Bert was home early so Caroline went with him to take a nap.  Elizabeth and I went to WW by ourselves.  We rode all the big rides.  It was such a fun afternoon date with my big girl.  She is such a little dare devil.  We were walking up one of the very tall slides and I was nervous about it (mainly because I wasn't sure I wanted E going on it).  I told Elizabeth I was a little scared.  She sweetly took my hand and said, "Mommy, even when you're scared.  Jesus loves you."  Thank you VBS, now I definitely had to go down the slide. 

Bert took Caroline to the grocery store after her nap.  This was her first ride in the Jeep (Publix is 1/4 mile from our house).  She looks terrified, but Bert assured me that she loved it.  All weekend she's been asking to take the "big jeep."

I am looking forward to a week with much less on our calendar!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Laid Back Weekend

We only had two things on our calendar this weekend- swim lessons on Saturday morning and church on Sunday. We spent the rest if the time hanging out at the pool and going out to eat with our friends. I love weekends like this!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Summertime Fun

funny faces at the pool
catching lightning bugs
Caroline finally got the nerve to ride down the kiddy slides by herself... sort of (Emma and Kennedy rode next to her).
splash pad fun
neighborhood kiddos at White Water

Caroline loves to float on her back.  Vivian thought it was strange:)
Elizabeth looks like a teenager in this picture:(
dentist visit with mommy
bike riding... Madona style 
riding in style
just swinging
jumping in with friends

dinner at the pool

E had dance camp with her sweet dance teacher, Miss Bridget
E also has swim lesson with Miss Katie
After dinner ice cream and sprinkler with the neighbors.  Caroline forgot her top... oops.
We had a moms' night out this week.  We planned on having a nice dinner, but ended up running late so we stopped at CFA.  Go figure!  But we did get to hear Glennon from Momastery speak.  She is so inspiring.  I could listen to her or read her stuff all night long.  Meeting her was definitely a highlight of my week, and now I have a signed copy of her book!
Another day at White Water
Caroline went to school for a couple of hours each day this week.  Her teacher sent me pictures!  The bottom right is from 80s Day and the two on the right are from the new sprinkle pad they have at school.  Caroline now wants to go back to school every day!
dance camp recital for Elizabeth Joy

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