Sunday, April 30, 2017

Caroline's Birthday Party

Caroline asked to have her birthday at Champion Kids...again.  She loves it there, and they make it super easy so it's a win-win.
She requested cake pops and mini cupcakes instead of a big cake.

She said her favorite part was doing the zip line.

Her friends Mary and Hayden

Her "boyfriend" Braxton

The twins came over afterwards to watch her open presents.

I can't believe my girl is 6!  She has grown up so much, but she's still my little baby:)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April has Come and Gone

We love our Tuesday night dinners with the Hill girls

Celebrating Caroline's birthday at school

Easter morning with my favorite little bunnies

Easter Sunday

This girl plays hard and sleeps hard!

I was surprised when my family showed up to help announce that I was named Teacher of the Year!
My favorite teachers!
My people:)

I love spring

Caroline with her little boyfriend Braxton

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break 2017

For spring break we took an adults only trip to Cabo, MX!  On Saturday I drove the girls to Nashville (Bert had drill), and then flew out Sunday morning.  Bert flew out from Atlanta on Tuesday morning. Here's what I learned from my travel experience to Mexico-- ALWAYS fly direct.  I missed my connecting flight in Houston so I was flown to Mexico City and then to Cabo (via AeroMexico).  I arrived in Cabo at 3:30 am and finally got to my resort at 5:30 am...exactly 24 hours after I had left. After many delays and getting stuck in Mexico City, I was physically and emotionally exhausted when I finally arrived. But it was worth it!

The mountains of Mexico
One of the guys that came with us brought his drone and took amazing pictures.  This was our resort.  Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.  It was breathtaking.

Even though I got in at 5:30 am, I woke up in this beautiful place and was excited for my first day.  I didn't take any pictures of our condo, but it was huge and amazing with a balcony that had lounge chairs, tables, and a hot tub.
There were about 10 different pools at this resort and you could see the beach from each of them. And each of them had their own swim up tiki bar.  This was my view on the first day from the main pool.  At this point, I realized the terrible flight was worth it!

I sent this selfie to Bert:)

In the afternoon we moved up to the Sky Pool which ended up being where we spent most of our time.  It was at the very top of the result (near our rooms) and it had the most incredible view of the ocean.
This is the only picture I took my first night at dinner.  We ate at a yummy restaurant with the most cozy chairs.
By lunch time on Tuesday, Bert was there and we were sitting poolside!

That night we ate at an outdoor Japanese sushi restaurant.  Lights were strung above us and the atmosphere was perfect!

The sunset was amazing each and every night.

Wednesday was the first day we left the resort.  We took a glass bottom boat to see Lover's Beach and Divorce Beach.  It's where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez... also known as Land's End.

This is called the "Window to the Pacific"

The waves crashed in so hard.  It was breathtaking.

We had lunch at this local place called The Office.  We ate with umbrellas over our heads and our toes in the sand....perfection!

On Thursday Bert and I went whale watching.  I didn't take any pictures and most of my videos are shaky, but we did see whales!

On Friday we drove ATVs in the desert and on the beach.  This was something neither of us have ever done before, and we loved it!

We spent the afternoon on a cabana on the beach... Paradise!

We saved the very best dinner for our last night.  It was called The Steakhouse.  It had the most delicious food and the setting was amazing.  It was on the golf course overlooking the ocean.  Perfect ending to a fantastic vacation.
The last picture I took was during breakfast before we left for the airport.  I'm so very thankful for this week away with my husband and friends.