Saturday, February 23, 2013

22 Months

Caroline turned 22 months old today.  In two months she will officially be a toddler and I will start giving her age in years instead of months.  Boo!  
BTW- I'm not ignoring Elizabeth's 4 year post.  She goes to the doctor next week so I hope to give her a full post complete with stats!

Caroline, at 22 months you are keeping us on our toes.  You are the most animated and cuddly little girl ever!

You are talking up a storm and can really hold your own with the "bigger" kids.

You wake up in the happiest of moods.  I think you'd sit in your crib and sing to yourself for hours if I let you.  You never fuss to get out.  

Your favorite thing to do is EAT!  I think your personal motto is, "No one eats alone!"  Even if you just had a full breakfast, if someone sits down to eat after you get up, you rejoin them for more.  

You can hold your own against your sister.  If she tries to take something from you, you definitely fight back.  But you still adore her and follow her everywhere.  You call her "sissy", "sisser", "Libet" (closest to Elizabeth as you can get)

You continue to be a huge mama's girl and know just how to quiver your lip just right to get what you want!  Trouble...

Caroline, you truly bring nothing but sunshine into our lives.  We love you sweet, sweet angel!

How have you grown up so fast?!?!?!

Elizabeth and Caroline both at 22 months.  I say it all the time, but they will never be able to deny each other.  I do think Caroline favors my side more though.  Those low, chubby cheeks and smile that shows her bottom teeth are definitely Douglass traits.  I see my dad when I see her sweet smile which I love especially since she is named after him.  

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