Sunday, September 28, 2014

Great Friends and Memories

I am continually amazed by the wonderful friends God has placed in my life.  One of the many things I pray for my children is that they are blessed by having amazing friends in their lives.  They are on the right track for that!
Melissa kept Caroline for a few hours this week.  Caroline had so much fun I didn't think she would want to come back to her "boring" home!
She said that her and Reese and so much fun playing together.  These two girls are so precious to me!

Caroline really enjoyed being spoiled at the Hill House!
On Friday night, we went to dinner with some of our neighbors.  This was the crazy kid table! 
On Saturday we had people over to watch the Tennessee/Georgia game.  Even though we lost, we had a lot of fun.  So much fun, that I never took a picture of my friends divided!
Then my friend Gretchen called because she had an extra ticket to see Garth Brooks in concert.  I was more than happy to join her!
I was so into the show that I never took even one picture once Garth came on stage.  It was AMAZING!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Magic Kingdom Day 5

I was so excited about spending our last day at Disney World at Magic Kingdom.  Unfortunately, the stomach bug that hit Caroline on Wednesday hit Elizabeth and me on Thursday night.  Elizabeth threw up all night long.  She started at 12:30 am and didn't stop until 4:00 am.  Then at 6:00 it hit me.  My goal was to just make it through our reservations at  Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Cinderella's Table.  Somehow the day that started out so miserable ended up being the most magical day of our trip!

We were struggling!  I didn't even brush the girls hair:(
Elizabeth was feeling better just extremely tired.  I was still  feeling VERY nauseous.
Now that I'm looking at this picture I realize that I matched the girls.  I definitely didn't realize that at the time.  Ha!

Tired or not, Elizabeth was excited to have an appointment INSIDE the castle.

So excited about the BBB!

I was so grateful that the Disney photographer took all of these pictures because I was in no state to take pictures.  In fact, as soon as they got started I had to b-line it across MK to find a bathroom.  I got sick one more time, but then I was good to go!  I got back just in time to see my girls all dolled up and ready to go:)

After BBB, the girls had a little photo shoot at Castle Couture.  They loved doing this, and I enjoyed watching every minute of it.  These princesses are my life!

The girls were on cloud 9 after their BBB experience.  They twirled and danced all afternoon.  This was them outside of Cinderella's table (I didn't have the energy to stand very long so Nanna stood in line for us to greet Cinderella).

I'm amazed at how "princess-like" this girl acted after getting no more than 3 hours of sleep the night before.

Ariel was our favorite that day.  She knelt down to talk to the girls and twirled them around.  I thought Caroline was going to chase her around the castle!

The crowds were really light on Friday.  We got to do every single ride we wanted to!  This princess wanted to race!
Riding the Barnstormer with her hands up!
Shooting an arrow while waiting to see Merida 
Even though we saw the movie, I didn't realize Elizabeth loved Merida so much.  Every time we passed by, E asked to go see her.  So we did! 

We rode the train from Fantasyland to Frontierland and left the stroller behind!
We saw the Fairy Godmother.  The girls said they didn't care to get her signature, but they were excited to spot her.  Then we rode Big Thunder Railroad.  Elizabeth LOVED it.  She rode it twice thanks to parent swap.  Then we rode the train back to Fantasyland (Caroline thought the train ride was a "ride") to ride Peter Pan's Flight.  Elizabeth loved it.  Rides like that are definitely her speed!
 We decided to stand in line for Elsa and Anna because (like the rest of the world) my girls LOVE them, and the wait was only 45 minutes.  It ended up being longer than that, so Nanna stood in line while I took the girls to meet Ariel at her Grotto.  The wait was worth it to watch my girls stare at them in awe!  This was the most "star struck" they were the entire time!

At this point it started to rain and the park was an hour from closing (it closed at 7:00 for Not So Scary Mickey).  We decided to try Splash Mountain.  Elizabeth loved it too so we road it twice since there was no wait.
Our favorites:
Elizabeth- Biddidi Bobbidi Boutique
Caroline- lunch at Cinderella's Table
Me- Thunder Mountain Railroad
Nanna- Splash Mountain

We all had a very full week, and were ready to get back home!  The girls said goodbye to our resort as we packed up.  Until next time...