Saturday, February 25, 2017

Maggie Valley

This is the second year that we headed to North Carolina for winter break.  
On our first day we went to downtown Hendersonville, NC for lunch. 
Elizabeth had my phone during lunch and I found these keepers saved on snap chat afterwards. 

I love that she called her sister "cutie pie"
I love it even more that she said I was the best!  I don't even remember her taking this picture.

Then we went to Moonshine Mountain for snow tubing.  Although we called it "mulch tubing."

These little girls had no interest in going down the mountain on a tube, but they found fun playing.

The next day we went skiing.  It was so warm and the mountain was mostly fake snow, but we still had a blast.  Caroline dominated the bunny slopes, and Elizabeth went down every. single. slope.  Even the ones that scared me a little!  That little girl is the bravest kid I know.

Caroline felt so independent and begged me to let her to the adventure program next year.   It's basically ski school with lots of extra fun, games, and food!

This was taken right before Elizabeth went down a blue slope for the first time.  She was brave.  I was terrified. She fell about a dozen times on her first run, but got up every time by herself and kept going.  She went down about 5 more times getting better and better each time.  
This was my view that night sitting on our back porch as the sun went down.  Perfect end to a fantastic weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Elizabeth turns 8!

I can't believe my Elizabeth Joy is 8 years old!

This little girl made me a mama, and she continues to fill my heart with so much love.

Elizabeth had her first unofficial surprise party!  A couple of days before her birthday she asked to go to Laredos for dinner.  She wanted to wear the sombrero and be sung to in Spanish.  I texted a few friends to see if they could join us last minute... they all said yes!  I didn't tell Elizabeth, but when we got to dinner so many of her friends were there to celebrate with her.  It was the perfect surprise!

I found all of these selfies she had taken on my phone when we got home. 

For her actual party, Elizabeth invited 4 girls from her class to go to the American Girl Bistro.  Her birthday outfit with matching doll clothes did not arrive in time (even though i ordered it 3 weeks in advance).  But since it was going to be a surprise for EJ, she didn't even know to be disappointed.  This is still her favorite matching outfit anyway! 

Waiting for all the girls to arrive and playing inside the AG store.

I sat across from my big girl and her doll at lunch.

Lovely little ladies having lunch.  The lunch was so yummy and they had a little question box to pass around to promote conversation.  We will definitely be going back!

Caroline's little pinky cracked me up.

This picture isn't great, but that birthday girl sure is!

I am definitely a fan of smaller birthdays that are more personal.  The girls that celebrated with her this year are Caroline, Sophia, Bailee, Miller, and Mckinley.

After lunch I took the girls to ride the carousel and then meet their parents for pick up.  

And as soon as we arrived home, what do you think was in our mailbox?  Yep... her birthday outfit!  

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Tritt Family Dance

The theme for the girls' school dance this year was "Hollywood."  They were so excited... mostly because I said they could wear make-up!

Elizabeth and her friends hardly left the dance floor.

Caroline was mostly into socializing and taking snack breaks with her daddy:)


Friday, February 17, 2017

Ears Pierced

Elizabeth has been asking for a while to have her ears pierced.  We told her that she could for her 8th birthday.  She was so brave!  My favorite part was when she got nervous and asked her sister to hold her hand.