Friday, June 30, 2017

June Phone Dump Part 2

Girls just wanna have sun!

White Water fun

Braves 5K

I loved running through the finish line with this sweetie at her very first 5K:)

first Braves game at the new Suntrust Stadium

more swimming


So proud of her crazy cute hair

Family time in Indianapolis to celebrate my Uncle Steve's life

Journey Tribute Band at the Strand Theater

Father's Day boat trip
short and sweet visit from Papa

Our first family run.  The girls made it 2 1/2 miles without stopping (of course Caroline was on her scooter)!

June Phone Dump Part 1


night swimming


play dates


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Caroline's Recital

Caroline's recital was called Rhythm and the Beast (because she dances at Rhythm Dance Center) and once again they amazed us!   I have truly never seen a any recital like it!  

Reese was in a different class that met at the same time as Caroline's.  We also were in the same recital (out of 6).

Elizabeth wanted to take a picture of us after the recital.

Caroline's hair before and after the recital... these curls just couldn't hang with my dancin' diva!