Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fun in the Water

Each year the teachers at Pope kick off summer by spending the day out on the lake.  It's a great tradition and I just love being out on the boat!
This was the only picture I took of some of the girls. 
The kids were outside playing when it started to pour.  This only made it that much more fun!!

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Last week some of our incredible students put together a fun run to support their teacher and my friend, Christy Dahlhauser.  She is having brain surgery on Thursday to remove as much of a tumor as possible so she can begin her fight against cancer.  I am praying that the Great Physician heals her completely and brings her family peace during the hard time.

Some of our teacher friends:)  Christy is on my left.
Friday night we went to the ball field to watch our friend Luke play baseball.  The big kids played on the playground while this little movie star hung out with me on the sidelines.
I took Caroline to her first birthday party for a school friend.  Natalie is her bestie!
Me and my patriotic girls.
lunch after church on the square
I ran my first race on Memorial Day with some of our neighborhood friends.  
It took me 33 minutes to finish the 5K.  Slow and steady may not win the race, but it completes it!
Apparently me getting up early to run a race wore my little girl out!
We hosted a neighborhood cookout on Monday afternoon.  
I love this candid of my 3 helpers talking and waiting for everyone to show up.

We stayed up way too late and when it was dark we lit sparklers.

It was a very busy Memorial Day weekend.  I am extremely thankful for the people who have sacrificed everything so that my friends and family are free to enjoy our lives so very much!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Last Day of School 2014

This is the last day that my girls will be going to the same school for the next two years.  Next year will bring a lot of change, but I am so looking forward to soaking up the summer with my favorite girls!

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Monday, May 19, 2014

I just couldn't resist...

buying her "official" cap and gown picture.  I can just imagine 13 years from now putting her high school cap and gown photo next to it.  That's when the tears will flow!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pre-K Graduation

Today, Elizabeth graduated from Pre-K!  I'll be honest.  When I first heard that they would be doing the whole cap and gown and walking across the stage to get a "diploma," I thought it was a little over the top.  But when I saw her so proud to be wearing her cap and gown, it made my heart so happy.  
Sometimes I feel guilty for not being the kind of mom who gets emotional about milestones.  I hear so many moms cry at kindergarten registration.  I'm not going to lie... not only did I not shed a tear, I did a little jig!  
I think since Elizabeth is my oldest, the next step is so exciting.  I am someone who actually likes change.  I love new beginnings.  Elizabeth is like me in that way.  We are both so excited to start this next journey!

I also have to confess that I did tear up when I watched her listen so carefully to her teacher's speech about how we were looking at future doctors, engineers, teachers, etc.  But when I asked her afterwards which one of those she wanted to be, she firmly stated, "None!  I'm going to be a Rock Star Acrobat!"  I'm not sure what that is, but she was quite sure of herself.

Ms. Melan
Ms. Christine
Ms. Logan
Our proud (and silly) little family.
Ms. Debbi is both of our girls' all time favorite teacher.  She teaches the 2s class.  Caroline actually calls school "Ms. Debbi's house" and insists on stopping in her room every morning before going to her class.

Elizabeth requested Japanese hibatchi for her celebration dinner, so we tried out Asahi.  It was fantastic!

And even though I really didn't want to go over the top for a pre-K graduation, I gave Elizabeth this book as a gift.  We read it to her tonight, and afterwards I told her that the words spoken in this book are my prayer for her as she starts school.  I want her to always remember hat she is special because she is a child of God, made perfectly by Him.  Not because she's smart or pretty or athletic or even nice.  All the praises and/or criticisms that other people give to her mean nothing.  She is a child after God's heart.   I also pray I have the strength to model that to her because that is hard for even mamas and daddys to remember.

Elizabeth, I love you for who you are.  I don't love you for the As you may or may not earn or the awards you may or may not get.  I love you because you are a child of mine. More importantly, you are God's child.  You are a gift to your daddy and me, and we love you no matter what "stickers" or "dots" the world gives you.  We are so excited to start this journey with you!  Love, Mama and Daddy

Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally Friday

Today was the last Friday of the school year!!!! I'm so excited for summer!
The girls made their daddy proud supporting our Braves today at school
We had a picnic tonight at East Cobb Park with the Southerns and the Hills.   Katy and her family are moving to Carmel, Indianna.  We have loved that they've been close to us for the past year, and were looking forward to a fun summer and our kids being in school together.  But God has a different plan.  A better plan for the Southerns  It was fun to hang out while our kids played one last time as Atlantans!

We tried for a picture of the kids ( minus Mattie).  These kids are ON THE MOVE!

EJ loves Baby Reese!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

It was a rainy and relaxing Mother's Day weekend.  Sometimes I love when it rains and gives us an excuse to stay inside and be lazy.  Friday night we got out in it to go eat at Brixx, a new and yummy pizza place.

Saturday, we did a lot of this.
After church on Sunday, we went over to a friend's house to hang out by the pool.  It was so enjoyable and relaxing.  They had the perfect backyard for swimming, playing, and entertaining.  We all ate a lot, the kids played a lot, and the mamas laid out in the sun a lot!  A perfect Mother's Day!
These girls were still so tired on Monday from all of the activity on Sunday.  They could barely hold their heads up and keep their eyes open at dinner.  Bedtime came early last night!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Our Week

On Wednesday morning Elizabeth asked me if she could wake up her sister.  I'm so glad I said yes!  
The weather has been so beautiful this week.  We had a picnic dinner one night at the park with some sweet friends.  There were so many of the girls' friends there, I think they thought it was a party!  Caroline was the only one who slowed down long enough for me to snap a picture.
On Thursday night we ate dinner in downtown Roswell at The Fickle Pickle with my SGA executive officers.  It was another beautiful evening that we enjoyed our dinner outside!!

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