Friday, March 31, 2017

Catching Up

I've gotten so far behind that I decided to do one big phone dump!  Here is a whole bunch of randomness.
The girls asked me to braid their har so that it would be wavy the next day.

EJ played against her good friend Evie in basketball.

Caroline had fun at a skating birthday party.

My valentines:)

Yummy dessert at the Boathouse in Franklin

neighborhood Easter egg hunt

Caroline took notes during the sermon at church.

We biked to the park.

Pope teachers:)

Publix pajama night for Tritt

I was honored by one of my students for Pope soccer senior night.  It was cold, but fun!

Allison and me at the Murder Mystery dinner

EJ needed a nap after a sleepover

We LOVED Beauty and the Beast

Alissa made some flare for me for the faculty volleyball game.


Caroline caught the flu

Elizabeth enjoying a pedicure... she fell asleep

Our special ed Spring Fling dance as a success.

Elizabeth and Naomi danced all night.

soccer buddies

egg hunt

I loved that Beth and her girls were able to spend the night with us on their way back home from Memphis.  They came out to cheer for our faculty volleyball game making it so much fun for me and my girls!

My girls and me enjoying some froyo to kick off spring break!