Wednesday, February 27, 2013

4 Years Old

Dear Elizabeth, I can't believe you are 4 years old.  You are growing up so fast.  I just want to slow down time to make sure I soak up every minute of it.  You have so much zest for life and more energy than any little girl I've ever known. 

At age 4, here's what you're up to:
You weigh 38 pounds (70%) and are 41 1/2 inches (90%) tall.
You mainly wear size 4t, but really need 5 for length in pants. 
You wear size 12 shoe.

You are still in your toddler bed, but you are definitely ready for your big girl bed.  I'm excited to do your first big girl room makeover with you.  I know it may be the last time I get a say in the color scheme and bedding choice so I will treasure every minute of it and try not to cry thinking about you growing up so fast!

You love going to school and get so upset on days that you don't go.  You are really smart and remember EVERYTHING!  You love to write and draw.  You can write your name by yourself and do so very often.  You "read" books to your sister all the time.  She enjoys it as much as you do.

You hate brushing your hair and will only do it when I threatend to cut it off.  You get so upset because you think princesses MUST have long hair.  You actually do a good job brushing it by yourself when you actually do it. 

You are obsessed with princesses, especially Ariel.  Lately Barbie has caught your attention too.  You play dress up every single day and love being called Princess Elizabeth.

Your favorite evening activity is having a dance party to the Fresh Beat Band.  Your daddy and I have just as much fun as you and Caroline do!

You are very athletic and coordinated.  You really always have been, but now that you play games like tag and sports like t-ball with the neighborhood kids, you do really well.  I'm excited to watch you play soccer this spring.  I just want you to have fun and for it to wear you out enough to nap in the afternoon.  You rarely nap anymore, but you REALLY need to!

You are still a pretty good eater, not very picky.  However, your appetite comes and goes.  Some weeks you eat like a horse, and the other weeks you hardly finish any meal.  Since you're still growing like a weed, I don't worry about it too much.

You love doing craft projects.  You helped me with everything for your birthday party, and you get so excited about your weekly homework.  Whatever the letter of the week is you are assigned to cut out pictures and make a collage.  You are very specific about the pictures you want to use and picky about the placement.  When I brought home your own kid friendly scizzors, you would have thought I just bought you a pony!  You love cutting things out!

Like other kids your age, you say the funniest things.  I really think they should bring back the show "Kids Say the Darndest Thing."  I feel confident that you would be the star of the show!

Just tonight when we were saying our prayers, this is how yours went.  "Dear Jesus, tonight I'm going to tell you a story.  Once upon a time there was a princess who wanted a cupcake..."  Then you went on to retell the entire story of Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes (which we had just read) to Jesus.  You ended by say "... the End and Amen."  Then you asked me, "Mommy, did Jesus like my story?"  You sure know how to melt my heart.

Every night I say to you, "Good night, Jelly Bean."  Then you say back, "Good night, Broccoli."  We've called you Jelly Bean for a while and Caroline is Peanut.  Not sure where they came from, but they stuck.  Then out of the blue one day you started calling me "Broccoli" and your daddy "Celery."  You are one funny girl!

You are one headstrong, stubborn, and opinionated little girl.  I don't know where you get that from?!?!  You are also very sensitive and kind of dramatic.  I love the little personality that you have and wouldn't change it for the world.  I pray that God shows me how to guide you to use those strong characteristics to be the loving, charasmatic leader I know you are destined to be one day!

Elizabeth Joy Kelly, we are so  in love with you and feel so blessed to be your parents. 

Happy 4th Birthday my precious little girl!

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