Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lights of Life

 We had a long list of things to do before Christmas this year.  Most of which did NOT get done.  We planned our traditional pink pig visit, but the line was ridiculous, so we skipped it.  We wanted to add the lights at Calloway Gardens to our tradition this year.  They are suppose to be amazing.  But we decided to be more economical and save that until next year.  Then we planned to do the lights at the Botanical Gardens, but it was so cold the night we planned to go with the Hills and Caroline has been fighting a cold, so we skipped it too.  Seems like "skipping" is becoming our new Christmas tradition.  But honestly, it's so much more enjoyable to just relax and be okay when our plans don't work out.  
We did make it to see the Lights of Life at Life University.  We usually do this on Thanksgiving night, but since we were out of town we didn't.  It's about 5 minutes from our house, and you ride in the car while you look at them. 

I knew Elizabeth would want to do the petting zoo so we bundled the girls up even though we didn't stay out in the cold very long. 

My favorite "tradition" from this year was just being home with my family. We've done a lot of classic Christmas movie watching, baking, crafting, and playing!  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Flashback Friday

This was two years ago when my mom came and spent Christmas with us.  

This year she came up on the 26th to celebrate.  She also brought Alivia and Aleaha.  It was a short trip, but filled with lots of fun!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Before leaving for Christmas Eve service, we tried to get a self timed family picture.  My husband was the only one not cooperating!

I told him Santa would not come if he did not behave!

Me and my girls

my silly pair

The weather was beautiful for about 5 minutes after church.  Then the deep fog set in.
our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Shoguns

all ready for bed in our Christmas jammies
Santa brought the girls cars!

Each year I get the girls an ornament for their tree that goes with whatever they're into that year and an ornament for my tree that's usually handmade.  This year they received princess ornaments for their tree (mainly for Elizabeth) and these were the ones for mine.

Elizabeth was super excited about each and every gift she opened.

I love this picture of her sitting sweetly opening up her present and being careful not to ruin the ribbon.

Caroline was pretty excited this year too!

Once she put on her new hat, she wouldn't take it off.

making funny faces at me... I love this precious face so much!

complete with a tiara on top

enjoying her sister's new car which has a seat for her too

Princess Elizabeth in her Jeep

Caroline wasn't too sure about her sister's driving ability

It took her a minute to get the hang of it, but then she was off!

When I finally let them go ahead of me, I couldn't help but imagine them 13 years from now driving away in a real car.  Not something I'm particularly looking forward to, but I pray I'm blessed to witness it some day.

Elizabeth was so proud of herself for driving by herself.
Bert's family came over for Christmas dinner.  I can't believe I only took two pictures the whole time they were here! 
singing happy birthday to Jesus

Caroline with her Aunt Brandi

It was a wonderful Christmas at home and I look forward to spending the next week and a half at home with my family!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

20 Months Old

I realized that I never did a post for Caroline's 19 months.  I would credit that to second child syndrome, but I feel confident that I missed at least one or two of Elizabeth's between 12 and 24 months.  So they're even!  Ha!

Caroline, at 20 months here's what you are up to:

You are saying a ton of new words every day.  Our favorite is that you say, "I love you" to us.  Most of the time when we say it, you say "mmmm" as if you're going to kiss us.  But every now and then you say the words that make us so happy.

You follow your sister EVERYWHERE and do EVERYTHING that she does  It's so cute, and a little scary!  

You are a complete mama's girl.  And you're still my little cuddler.  My favorite is whenever I pick you up and you sweetly pat my chest as if to stake your claim.  

When we play outside with the big kids, you just sit and watch from the comfort of my lap.  Most days, you are either stuck to me or climbing something.  One extreme or the other.

You absolutely love books.  You carry them around, then plop down wherever everyone else is and flip through the book.  It's super sweet when  you give the book to your sister for her to read it to you.  

You are still the sweetest baby ever, but you are definitely sharing your opinions these days.  If you don't like something, you will let us know.  You've started swatting at us when we tell you no.  But as soon as we give you the "mean" look, you sweetly pat us as if to say, "I'm sorry."  

You do so many things each day that makes us all laugh that I can't even keep track.  You are pure joy in our house, and we all love you more than you'll ever know.  Happy 20 months sweet angel!

Caroline and Elizabeth at 20 months

Elizabeth wearing the same pajamas 2 years ago.
Elizabeth happened to be wearing her Christmas pajamas from last year when I was taking C's pictures.  It's crazy how much this girl has grown in the past year.  Both of my babies are getting big too quick!  I'm asking Santa to slow down time!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Class Christmas Parties

Both of the girls had their Christmas parties at school this week.  I am lucky to have half days the last week of school, so I can be at their parties with them.
Elizabeth with her teachers

Me and Caroline

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Flashback Friday

This is our Christmas card for 2012.  I took a bunch of pictures before church one morning, and honestly, this was the only one that came out with both girls in focus.  At first I was disappointed that I only had one picture to work with, but now I love the way it turned out.

I frame all of our Christmas cards and Santa pictures each year.  The girls especially love looking back and asking a bunch of questions about each one.





2007- Our first Christmas card together