Friday, February 26, 2016

Elizabeth's Paint Party

For Elizabeth's 7th birthday she requested a paint party with the girls from her class.  We had it at Farmhouse in the City and it was perfect!
How is this girl 7 already???

Caroline didn't love that she didn't know any of Elizabeth's friends, but she still loved all the fun stuff to do.
Lots of bunnies to pet and play with.

They each had their faces painted, made jewelry, and held the bunnies while we waited for everyone to arrive.
Elizabeth with her besties Naomi and Sophia.

Rose and Melissa
Caroline, Paige, and  Sarah Kate

Elise, Caroline, and Alice
Elizabeth chose owls and peacocks for her friends to paint.

adding the details...
Elizabeth enjoyed all of the attention at the head of the table.

They sang happy birthday and then decorated their own cupcakes before devouring them.

Their final paintings.  These girls had a blast!  They played dress up and danced to wrap up the party!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Maggie Valley

Over February break we join the Welischars, Powells, and Morrises for some time away in Maggie Valley, North Carolina.  We stayed in an amazing cabin on 160 acres.  The views were breathtaking to say the least!
This was the  very first time my girls or myself have been skiing.  We are now huge fans and plan to make it an annual trip.
This is Caroline practicing on the bunny slope.

Elizabeth practicing on the bunny slope.  Lessons were full so they practiced on their own.  I have to say, they picked it up pretty quickly!

It was a perfect sunny day and there was real snow on the ground.

For the first time down, we took one kid up at a time.  Elizabeth went first!

We kept going and going and going!

About mid day I felt comfortable enough to let Elizabeth go on the ski lift with the big girls.  Of course I rode right behind her, but she felt so grown up!

Caroline did so well.  She wasn't scared at all and loved every minute of it.  Bert took her down the slope with him.  I did this once with her but she said I didn't go fast enough.  

This was our ride up to my favorite slope.  It was considered an intermediate slope and it was perfect!  Just scary and thrilling enough.  I didn't have the nerve to go on the Black Diamond slope.

Me and Julie
My little family enjoying our favorite new sport!

We skied all day and as soon as we got in the car these two passed out!
The day after skiing we spent relaxing around the cabin and exploring the farm.

Emma, Reese, and Caroline on our hike.

Emma, Reese, and Elizabeth.  My girls wanted pictures with the "big girls" by themselves.

Girls, Girls, Girls!
My people:-)

a picnic lunch
Hot (warm) tub fun

I asked Bert to get the sunset behind us... it looks like our faces are on fire

selfie time

a beautiful sunset

We let Elizabeth stay up late and get in the hot tub with the big girls.
This little getaway was absolutely perfect and just what we needed!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February Break

Ready for a cold February break!
my littlest sweetheart

My man knows that pedicures (not flowers) are the way to my heart:)

Family lunch celebrating our big girl turning 7!

We love waking up slowly with no school and no plans!
On Monday night we invited all of the neighbors over for pizza and cake to celebrate these 3 kiddos who all turned 7 within a week of each other!
Since Caroline had school, Elizabeth and I spent the day together on her birthday.  We had brunch, did some shopping, went to her well-check up, and the gym.  It was a beautiful day to celebrate my first born baby!

The days are long, but the years are short!

Well Visit Stats:
49.25" (75%)
52 lbs (60%)
In the afternoon we picked up Caroline and met some friends at the park.

Our February break has been so enjoyable and full of relaxation and birthday celebrations!