Sunday, November 30, 2014


We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville this year with my parents.  Instead of going early and leaving right after Thanksgiving, we drove up on Thursday and stayed until Saturday.  It was perfect!

Wednesday night before we left, we had a "friendsgiving" with our neighbors.

We made it to Franklin!

It was cold, but the girls still wanted to play outside.
My little hipster child:)
My dad and Bert took the girls to the park and sent me this picture.

Elizabeth is taking piano lessons.  She showed off her skills to Aunt Hannah who is responsible for sparking that interest!  I love face time.  Hannah was all the way in New Zealand listening and watching Elizabeth play the very same piano she learned to play on. 
We also got to face time with Rebeka.  We woke her up since it was Friday morning over there.

We were lazy on Friday morning and then spent the afternoon on the Main Street of Franklin.

Pappa bought us all Starbucks to drink while we did some window shopping.  My 5-year-old looks like a teenager!

These girls love their Pappa!!

I found this in a shop on Main St.  I must have it!

We had a relaxing and most enjoyable Thanksgiving!  

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Break

On Friday, I was able to spend the morning at Elizabeth's school for her Thanksgiving Feast.  I spend all day at school with my students.  I was so glad to spend this time with my little pilgrim at her school!
I knew instantly when I saw this place mat that it was made by Elizabeth.   I love this girl's heart!
We are not hosting Thanksgiving this year.  Instead of a busy week of cleaning, planning, and cooking, we have been sleeping in, relaxing, and playing.  I'm so thankful for this little break to spend with my very favorite pumpkins even if they do act more like wild turkeys!
The girls actually shared my kindle to watch a movie.  Miracles do happen!

This is the first time we have ever put our Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving.  Last year was the first year we didn't get a real tree... we have just been breaking all the rules!!
Since we are staying in Nashville through the weekend, I think it will be so nice to come home to our house already decorated for Christmas.
This picture of Elizabeth is blurry, but I couldn't stop looking at it. She looks so grown up.  Seeing that baby picture of her in the background made me a little teary eyed.
We've also been potty training Caroline this week.  It's not going so well, and she's not happy that I won't let her wear any pants around the house.  Putting ornaments on the tree helped us all forget about the tortures of potty training for just a minute!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Vol For Life!

The Girl Table: I love that we make such a great effort to make this a priority.  Kristy flew in from Maryland., Liz flew from California with her infant, and Madison took time off from surgery to fly in from Philly.  I love these girls!
This past weekend we had our annual ADPi tailgate for the Tennessee/Kentucky game.  We met for lunch downtown at Five Bar.  I loved the atmosphere and the food was super yummy.  Way better than typical bar food. 

They Guy Table

I couldn't resist taking this photo.
Tailgating in the sun.  As long as we were in the sun, it wasn't miserably cold.  I had so many layers on that I didn't even wear my coat until later.

Our crew:)

It started getting cold toward the end of the game.  Thankfully we had seat backs that kept our bottoms warm.

At every third down, they would play, "Turn Down for What" but instead people would hold of 3 fingers and sing, "Third down for what?"  It made me laugh every time.  We all looked so ghetto with "gang" signs.  I just couldn't do it.  So I held up three "normal" fingers.
After the game, we all met at Chesapeaks then went out for a short bit at Market Square.  It was a quick trip but so much fun!
Waffle house on Sunday.  Lookin good!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Update: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

We are on Week 3 of Seven.  We took one week off to do service work.  Here's how we're doing doing so far:

1. Food- Much better than I thought.  It was challenging, but not terrible.

2. Clothes- This was pretty much impossible.  I rarely think that being a stay at home mom is "easier" than being a working mom.  But it would definitely be much easier to only wear 7 items if I were spending a week at home.  I can wear the same thing to two different play dates in the same week, or the same yoga pants while I'm hanging out at home.  But I cannot wear the same clothes every day to work.  So, I pretty much failed that week.  However, it did help me to look at my closet with a new perspective.  I have A LOT of clothes.  Bert never thought he'd hear me say that, but I finally see it.  I haven't bought anything new in months.  I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself.  Thankfully, the week on clothes opened my eyes.  No more pity party and no more frivolous clothes buying.

3. Media- I'm a little worried and excited about this week. Ironically, I left my phone at home last Friday.  It made me so anxious.  I almost went home at lunch just to get it.  I didn't, but I thought about it A LOT!  This week we are stepping back from the screen.  No facebook, no instagram, no twitter, no blogs, etc.  We aren't cutting out TV all together, but we are cutting way back.  I'm also not cutting out e-mail.  I might lose my job if I did:).  My main goal is to not be so addicted to my phone.  Wish me luck!

My girls ready for Sunday School

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

In the 2 weeks leading up to Halloween, we had the most beautiful weather.  Every. Single. Day.  And because our street is awesome, we planned a big party.  My next door neighbor smoked a Boston butt all night long and everyone else brought sides and snacks to share.  People started showing up and eating around 5:00.  It was a huge gathering, but I took almost no pictures.
Nemo and Ariel
The first crew to arrive.  This was a bout 1/3 of the kids.
Eating a ymmy dinner before trick-or-treating.  The kids all at picnic style on blankets.  They were in heaven!
Ariel and Farmer Luke

My little nemo had trouble keeping up with the bigger kids so she found a minion to walk with:)

I got this group to stop and take a picture while we waited on the others to catch up (or come back).
As soon as it got dark, it got really cold.  I put my Nemo in her stroller so we could go a little longer.  She was happy as long as I let her have one of her treats.

Our plan was to set up the projector outside so the kids could all sit in the driveway and watch a movie together.  We had it all set up and ready to go when the freezing wind and cold drizzle set in.  So we set it all up in our basement instead.  

I couldn't resist looking back to Halloweens past and remembering my little goblins.

2013: My cowgirl and cow
2013: At school, they were Minnie Mouse and Tinker Bell

2012: Olivia the Pig and Peppa the Pig
2011: Little Bo Peep and her Sheep

2010: My little bumble bee

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Homecoming, Trunk or Treat, and enjoying Fall

Caroline likes to "do homework" like her big sister.
C has also pretty much stopped taking naps, but she still needs one clearly!  Car pool line is exhausting!!

Riding bikes and enjoying the fall weather

Elizabeth has her first pen pal (through church).  She completed the sentences on the left on her own, then they helped her translate it to Spanish.  

I let me students paint my face on Friday for our homecoming game.

These are our senior homecoming court along with our returning Queen (on the left).  Having taught all but one of these girls, I was so happy for each of them.  They are all such sweet, caring, and smart girls.  
Abigail sent me this picture after the game.  I love getting to know these amazing young women outside of the classroom.

In between setting up for the homecoming dance and the actual dance, our neighborhood had our annual Trunk or Treat.  I used some of the decorations from the senior hall to decorate our trunk.  They just so happen to go with our "Under the Sea" theme.  

Elizabeth was Ariel and Caroline was Nemo.  We borrowed BOTH costumes!  Woohoo:)
 Here are some of my favorite trunks this year.

 I didn't get to stay for the whole thing because I had to get back to the school for the dance.  Thankfully my sweet neighbors sent me some pictures of our kiddos having fun!

Katherine, Alissa, and I took a selfie at the end of the dance.  We made it!

We went to the park and played every day after school.  The weather has been absolutely perfect!

Ready for Halloween!