Thursday, December 8, 2016

This and That

We finally got some rain!  Elizabeth noticed that Caroline and I were alternating our color scheme and wanted to take a picture.  It's blurry, but she's always asking to use my phone to take a picture these days.
My sweet student and SGA president who I had the honor of tapping for Who's Who.

We let the girls have complete control over the train tree this year.  Elizabeth did a fantastic job of planning out where each should go (we didn't have to move one).  Caroline did a great job of following her sister's directions.

They are so sweet when they are sleeping.  Caroline is such a sweet cuddler and Elizabeth is a natural protector.
Caroline, Elizabeth and Reese before dance... silly girls.

Alissa is back from maternity leave.  Work just isn't the same without her!
Elizabeth was an all-star at her first basketball game.  She scored some points, played great defense, and thought it was so cool that one of my students was her referee.

Last Sunday it poured all day.  We never left the house.  We watched a few Christmas movies, did a few chores, and then I let the girls play on their kindles in their new favorite spots.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Santa Visit 2016

Caroline wanted to practice what she was going to say to Santa... he still makes her a little nervous.

After visiting Santa, we always ride the Pink Pig.  This year the girls asked to ride by themselves.  We let them, but my heart broke a little:(  They were so proud of themselves.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Week

We decided to spend our Thanksgiving with Bert's family in New Jersey this year.  Bert needed to help his uncle pack up his grandmother's home, so he went up the Saturday before.  The girls and I flew up early Monday morning.  
They did a great job of pulling their own weight:)
This house is where Bert's dad grew up, and where Bert spent much of his early years.  It's beautiful, especially on the inside.  This picture of Bert, his Uncle Kevin,and the girls was taken on Monday after the movers left with all the furniture from inside.  

The last time I was here was when I was pregnant with Elizabeth... a lot has changed since then.
The house is in a very charming town called Merchantsville.  There is a famous chocolate gift shop here called Aunt Charlotte's.  A trip to NJ is not complete without a visit.
There are diners on every corner in New Jersey.  We ate at one almost every day we were there.  They are kid friendly, offer more options than anyone could ever need, and give you the biggest serving size you've ever seen.  

On Tuesday, Bert had to do more work around his grandmother's house so the girls and I went to see the movie Trolls.  It was the best theater we have ever been in... recliners and all!

On Tuesday, we spent the day in Philadelphia playing tourists.  We first visited the Constitution Center.  This was very kid friendly and interactive.
President Elizabeth Kelly being sworn in!

The Liberty Bell
Independence Hall

It started to get cold and I still wanted to tour the residential areas around Philadelphia so we took a Hansom Cab tour.  Best decision!  We all stayed warm.  The girls loved riding in the carriage.  An Bert and I were able to listen to the tour guide as she lead us around for 45 minutes.

And of course we had to get an authentic Philly Cheese Steak.  The two famous places are Pat's and Geno's and they are on opposite corners of each other.  We chose Pat's simply because we got a closer parking spot.

This is the only picture I took on Thanksgiving.  We went to mass Thursday morning at the church where Bert was baptized.  It was an incredibly special way to start off our day. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

It's Football Time in Tennessee!

Every year we decide on one game to get together with girls from our pledge class.  This year we chose the Kentucky game, and it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend!
We met Friday night for dinner at Tupelo Honey's.

Most of us were staying at the Hilton which is walking distance to everything and has a really cool outdoor bar area with a fire to keep us warm.  We had a great first night catching up.

The next day we woke up bright and early to get to our tailgate. We decided to do the Tennessee Tailgate at Circle Park which is expensive but amazing!   

The Hill

We all got free orange sunglasses!

Our tailgate was just on the other side of the Torchbearer.  We got there just as the players were walking through the Vol Walk.  Here I am so very excited to be so close to Coach Butch Jones!!

There have been so many amazing improvements made to the campus in the last 20 years.  I am so proud to be a Tennessee Vol!
The next morning we went to Meghan's to meet baby Zach!  A perfect end to our wonderful weekend.