Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lights of Life

 We had a long list of things to do before Christmas this year.  Most of which did NOT get done.  We planned our traditional pink pig visit, but the line was ridiculous, so we skipped it.  We wanted to add the lights at Calloway Gardens to our tradition this year.  They are suppose to be amazing.  But we decided to be more economical and save that until next year.  Then we planned to do the lights at the Botanical Gardens, but it was so cold the night we planned to go with the Hills and Caroline has been fighting a cold, so we skipped it too.  Seems like "skipping" is becoming our new Christmas tradition.  But honestly, it's so much more enjoyable to just relax and be okay when our plans don't work out.  
We did make it to see the Lights of Life at Life University.  We usually do this on Thanksgiving night, but since we were out of town we didn't.  It's about 5 minutes from our house, and you ride in the car while you look at them. 

I knew Elizabeth would want to do the petting zoo so we bundled the girls up even though we didn't stay out in the cold very long. 

My favorite "tradition" from this year was just being home with my family. We've done a lot of classic Christmas movie watching, baking, crafting, and playing!  

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