Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breakfast with Santa

This past weekend was Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus at our clubhouse.  From the moment we walked in, Caroline had a death grip on her daddy.  There was no way he could pry himself from her death grip to even get a screaming Santa picture (which I love)!  Santa quickly demanded that Bert sit on his lap with her.  I couldn't stop laughing about that, but Bert did not see the humor in it.  I'm just glad Mrs. Claus didn't ask me to sit on her lap!

The girls were both very comfortable once they got their stockings and breakfast.

With all the chaos the first go around, Elizabeth didn't get a chance to tell Santa what she wanted.  So she sat on his lap again.  This is what I love about the low pressure atmosphere of Breakfast with Santa.

Elizabeth has consistently asked for three things this year.  A teddy bear.  A car.  And a boat.  Keep dreamin' sister!

We realized that when Elizabeth gets nervous, she can't keep her hands off of her face.  Silly girl.

The same Santa and Mrs. Claus last year. 

Of course as soon as we left the clubhouse, Caroline relaxed and was ready to play.

Since we were all dressed up and nowhere to go, we ran some errands and ended up at Home Depot.  The girls had so much participating in the kid workshop.  They built their very own miniature toolboxes. 

Elizabeth felt so independent being able to hammer and paint it all by herself. 

Their daddy was proud of his little girls' hard work.

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  1. I need those outfits when you are done with them!!! Tell me how much. I am sure that dress will probably even be big on Meyers next year and Emery should be able to wear that bubble.

    I LOVE them building at home depot in their pretty outfits! So cute!