Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Weekend According to My Phone

The girls went to school on Friday (instead of Thursday) this week.  Bert picked them up and we met at CFA for dinner at 4:30 (talk about early bird special)!  After everything that happened on Friday in CT, I couldn't stop kissing and hugging on them.  Of course, they didn't know why I was being so clingy but they sure did love it when I said "yes" to icecream!

Saturday was my high school's 5th annual Shop with a Greyhound.  It takes a lot of preparation from a lot of people to make this day happen.  This is the only picture I had time to take while we were setting up.  These are some of my SGA kids who work so hard and always make everything so much fun!
We raised over $20,000 to take 150 under-privileged elementary students shopping for Christmas presents.  It's more than just the shopping.  They spend the whole day with our students pouring love and attention on them.  The end of the day is so emotional and often quite tearful. 
On Sunday morning, we had a little Going Away Brunch for Mackenzie who is moving with her family to Brazil on the 29th.  It was low key and relaxing.  We had a blast watching our kids play together. They even put a show on for us.  Cabe was the emcee while Lea, Elizabeth, Will, and Gaines performed on cue.  Elizabeth and Lea even put their dress up clothes on for the big show!

We actually did get some pictures of all the kids looking in the same direction before we ate.  I'll post those later since they're not on my phone.  The one that was on my phone, is this one of the girls watching Rudolph while they waited for their friends.
Tonight it was rainy and cold.  We decied to put the girls' jammies on and drive around looking at Christmas lights.  Bert found some houses on  They were indeed tacky!
The last one was pretty impressive.  It was coordinated to music and everything.  The girls loved it!

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