Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Before leaving for Christmas Eve service, we tried to get a self timed family picture.  My husband was the only one not cooperating!

I told him Santa would not come if he did not behave!

Me and my girls

my silly pair

The weather was beautiful for about 5 minutes after church.  Then the deep fog set in.
our traditional Christmas Eve dinner at Shoguns

all ready for bed in our Christmas jammies
Santa brought the girls cars!

Each year I get the girls an ornament for their tree that goes with whatever they're into that year and an ornament for my tree that's usually handmade.  This year they received princess ornaments for their tree (mainly for Elizabeth) and these were the ones for mine.

Elizabeth was super excited about each and every gift she opened.

I love this picture of her sitting sweetly opening up her present and being careful not to ruin the ribbon.

Caroline was pretty excited this year too!

Once she put on her new hat, she wouldn't take it off.

making funny faces at me... I love this precious face so much!

complete with a tiara on top

enjoying her sister's new car which has a seat for her too

Princess Elizabeth in her Jeep

Caroline wasn't too sure about her sister's driving ability

It took her a minute to get the hang of it, but then she was off!

When I finally let them go ahead of me, I couldn't help but imagine them 13 years from now driving away in a real car.  Not something I'm particularly looking forward to, but I pray I'm blessed to witness it some day.

Elizabeth was so proud of herself for driving by herself.
Bert's family came over for Christmas dinner.  I can't believe I only took two pictures the whole time they were here! 
singing happy birthday to Jesus

Caroline with her Aunt Brandi

It was a wonderful Christmas at home and I look forward to spending the next week and a half at home with my family!

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