Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Chirstmas Season

There are parts of this holiday season that have been kind of tough this year.  
 Caroline has been pretty sick this week with croup (again) and now a nasty cold.  Bert is still on the job search.  Bert's Grandmother (who Caroline is named after) passed away last Friday.  And then, Bert's dad had emergency bypass surgery this Wednesday.   
Whenever I get discouraged or sad over these things, I try to see everything through the eyes of my little girls. They have a way of helping me keep things in perspective.
Even though Caroline's been sick, she's continued to be the sweetest baby.  She just wants extra hugs and lovin which I am happy to give her.  Elizabeth has been extra sweet to her too.
As a parent, I want to give my kids so much and sometimes I focus too much on the "stuff" under the Christmas tree.  This year I've had to keep myself "in check" which is hard for an overindulger like myself. 

I am so glad they don't have any worldly expectations of what they will get on Christmas morning.  We go visit Santa and continue to ask Elizabeth what she wants for Christmas.  Sometimes I think by prompting her we are instilling a sense of entitlement.  That somehow she deserves or can behave in ways to make her deserve those presents.  I'm not really sure what the answer is without completely deserting the worldly concept of Christmas.  But I'm almost glad that our current situation is forcing me to focus on the gift of Christmas that has already been freely given to us. 

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