Saturday, December 8, 2012

Santa Visit

Today we went to Lenox to visit Santa.  This is the same Santa since Elizabeth's first visit.  They changed the background this year, but I still think he such a sweet Santa.  
At first I thought Caroline might warm up to him.  At least enough for me to sneak out of the picture.
Not so much.
She wouldn't even look at him.

Elizabeth hugged him when she was Caroline's age too.  She's my hugger.
Option 1 
Option 2.  We went with this one.
Usually while we're there, we ride the Pink Pig.  There was an almost 2 hour wait, so we decided to skip it and try again later.  Elizabeth was not happy with this decision. 
By the time we got to dinner, she was over it and both girls were pretty much delirious.  Too much excitement for one day!

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