Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa on the Square...

or not!
Yesterday we had plans to meet the Hills on the Marietta Square after church so we could get a picture of our 3 girls on Santa's lap.  We got in line which was at least an hour long, then Santa decided to take a lunch break.  We decided that it was about the picture (not Santa) so we jumped out of line and took some pictures by the Christmas tree on the Square instead.  Good Decision!
Caroline didn't know what to think about another baby being in her sister's lap! 

Love these girls!  It's wild to think that Caroline was Reese's exact age this time last year.  They grow up so fast!

Elizabeth adores "Baby Reese".  She didn't even care that we didn't see Santa.  She just didn't want to let go of Reese.

Trying to get a family picture is next to impossible these days.  I just love pictures that show how truly crazy it is around here!

Caroline kept rejecting Elizabeth every time I tried to get them to take a picture together.  That girl is definitley forming her own opinions these days!

I love the memories our girls will have with each other sharing so many traditions!

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