Sunday, February 2, 2014

An Extra Long Weekend

We ended up being out of school the rest of the week because of the snow!!  On Friday the girls' school was opened, but mine was not.  Oh darn!  
The girls were really excited to go back to school and I was really excited too!  After taking them, I went to the gym, got ready at my own pace, then went to lunch with Bert in Buckhead.  We spent the afternoon getting new phones and test driving new cars.
Friday night we went to Laredo's with three other families on our street.

Friday was a fantastic day right up until the we got home for the night.  Our driveway was still covered in ice and snow.  I slipped on it, falling on the only concrete spot at the end of the drive.  Now I have a fractured tail bone and can hardly walk or sit.  Not a fun way to end an awesome day.  

On Saturday I took the girls to Brayden's birthday at Sky Zone.  They loved it!
Elizabeth with the birthday boy.

worn out!
After naps, E went next door to play on the neighbors swing set with her.  This little one vegged out on the chair watching her favorite show.  All that trampoline jumping really wore her out!

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