Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowmageddon #2

We haven't had any snow days from school in over 3 years here in Georgia.  I've stopped keeping count this year!  We went to school on Monday, but by 6th period they had called off school for Tuesday and Wednesday.

We spent Tuesday making our Valentines cards.

Tuesday wasn't so bad, but Wednesday was very gloomy as the sleet and ice began to fall.  It wasn't pretty white fun snow.  It was cold, windy, ice.  Words like "catastrophic" and "biblical" rolled out of the mouths of meteorologist.  The thought of losing electricity wasn't fun, but people were freaking out around here.  We just hunkered down by the fire and watched lots of movies.

Hot chocolate!!

On Wednesday morning we woke up to this...
It was beautiful!  And even more beautiful that it only lasted until noon, then it warmed up to almost 50 degrees!!
Elizabeth wanted to make Olaf:)

Caroline looks like such a big kid here.  She had me holding her most of the day reminding me that she is still my baby:)

We went to the big hill to go sledding.

Elizabeth wiped out the first time she went down.  It took her a few more times to get comfortable with it.  Going down with her daddy and sister  a few times made her feel better.

On the smaller hill, even Caroline had fun sledding with her sister.

Elizabeth was quite the little expert by the lunch time.

The "street kids"

Caroline wasn't so sure about sledding without daddy.

She did like being pulled around in a basket with Ian!

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