Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5 Years Old

Elizabeth Joy,
You have been five-years-old for over a week now, and I still can't believe it!  You have matured so much in just the last 6 months.  Here is what you're up to at 5!

  • You are 44 inches tall (79%) and you weigh 43 pounds (71%).  You've never been in a height percentile this low.  I guess you're slowing down a little.
  • I am buying you size 6 clothes for the summer.  Wow!  You're a skinny little thing, but your height still requires longer sizes!

  • You take ballet and jazz at school.  You are also taking swim lessons and start your second season of soccer this month.  
  • You are an excellent reader.  Your teacher says you're the best reader in your pre-k class.  Once a week they let you go read to your sister's class at story time.  So sweet!
  • You are still very strong willed.  You know what you want, and you try really hard to get it.  But you are way more in control of your melt downs these days.  That's not to say you're not emotional at times.  Just about anything can bring you to tears, but you don't throw many fits anymore.

  • You love your sister so much and are very protective of her.  A boy in the CFA playground was blowing a whistle at her and she clearly didn't like it.  You quickly got between them and said very firmly to the little boy, "You stop that!  My sister doesn't like it!"  You weren't mean, just firm.  I was so proud of you.  Then you grabbed Caroline's hand and took her to the other side of the play area.  

  • You are such a sponge.  You soak up everything.  You will ask us questions about things you heard hours before.  I love your curiosity.

  • Something that you consistently do that makes us laugh is when you're daddy and I hug or kiss each other, you ALWAYS join in.  You will stop whatever you are doing and run over to us to give a group hug.  Makes us laugh every time.

  • You are so excited to start kindergarten.  You're already telling people that you're going to be a Tritt Tiger.  Unfortunately you don't realize that your current school friends won't be going there with you.  But I'm sure you will adjust just fine.

  • You have always been independent.  Lately you are really showing that independence.  Last Wednesday we were eating dinner at church.  It was time for Joy Choir which I usually walk you up the stairs to.  This time you matter-of-factly said to me, "I don't need you to walk me.  Livvy and I are going to walk together."  Livvy is a 6-year-old in choir with you.  As you walked out the door, you waved "Bye Mom."  My heart almost melted right there!  Of course, I snuck up the stairs behind y'all to make sure you made it safely.  You had and you were so proud of yourself.

  • You ask me or your daddy to lay in bed with you every night until you fall asleep.  Sometimes we do.  Who can resist your sweet request?  

  • I think you're afraid you're going to miss something when you go to bed.  But once you fall asleep, you sleep for at least 12 hours.  Same as you always have.  Although you rarely take naps anymore.  If you are tired, you will rest by yourself in your room.  But you rarely fall asleep.

  • You still love dresses and skirts.  You don't like it when you only have uniform pants to wear to school.  So I am buying mostly dresses for next year.  Hopefully you won't be over them by then!

  • You love to play outside more than anything else.  You will knock on everybody's door in the afternoon to see if they can come play outside with you.  

  • You love to ride your skooter the most!  You still ride our bike and barbie jeep a lot too.

  • You love to draw and do crafts.  We set up your own desk in my craft room.  You get in the zone just like your mama.  The two of us can work for hours in there!
  • You also love to write.  You especially love to write notes and do kindergarten activity books.  You call it your "homework."

  • You are very particular on how you want things.  You like your bed to be made just right and everything in your room has its place. 
  • Your playroom is a different story.  It is almost always a wreck!

  • You still love to dress-up.  You have a ridiculous amount of dress up clothes.  You and your sister play dress up together all of the time.  
  • You also love to complete puzzles and play with barbies.  Caroline really loves the barbies even more than you, but you play with her because it makes her happy.

  • You love movies and lately have gotten into classic movies.  Annie and Mary Poppins are at the top for you!

  • You are really into music too.  You've memorized all of the lyrics to the Frozen soundtrack.  Even when we turn it on to the Fish, you really focus on remembering all the words.

  • I never understood why people make such a big deal about turning 5 and starting school.  But now I get it!  It's like you've truly transformed from our baby girl to our little girl.  You are so full of life and vibrant and joyful and beautiful!  I am so grateful that God continues to bless me by your every single day.  We love you Lovey!

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