Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Circus

Almost 3 years ago I purchased my first groupon.  It was for tickets to the circus and we were so excited to take Elizabeth as our last adventure as a family of three.  Caroline had other plans that day.  As I started getting ready for the circus, my water broke and Caroline was born later that day.  We never made it to the circus, but I'm so glad because today we took the girls for their first time together!
This morning we tried to explain to Caroline what the circus was.  She wasn't really getting it.
Of course they had circus outfits for the occasion!
Elizabeth couldn't take her eyes off the stage.

They stayed amazed the ENTIRE time.  It was over 2 hours so that sorta shocked me.

They were so good we let them get their faces painted at the end.   Happy girls!
Elizabeth wanted to take a picture of us in the clown glasses we were given.  I couldn't stop laughing:)
It was a fun day of making (as Elizabeth said) "fantastic" memories!
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