Monday, February 17, 2014

Elizabeth's Art Party

Yesterday was Elizabeth's 5th birthday and we celebrated with an Art Party!
We started with my talented friend Garrett making the perfect invitation to get our theme rolling. 

Then I made 20 art smocks for each of our guests.

We held it at The Kipling House in Marietta.  It was the perfect place!  
If it had not been for Melissa and Dianna, I would NEVER have gotten everything decorated in time.  Having them there kept me calm and got the job done in our 30 minutes to set-up.  It's like they read my mind, knowing exactly what I needed and how to help.  They also served as photographer, hostess, and clean-up.  Wow!  I am a lucky girl to have so much support from my dear friends and family.  

Elizabeth was so excited when her guests began to arrive!

Elizabeth loves the Southern boys!
Both of my girls love Reese!

While the first round of paint dried, we ate and sang "Happy Birthday."

These two toddlers preferred walking around while they ate:)

My big girl just wanted to hold my hand.  So sweet.

Elizabeth adores "baby" Reese!  I swear Reese is going to be 13 and E will still be calling her "Baby Reese"!

Pappa and Nanna really stepped in and helped make everything go smoothly

Our friends are the best!

After the celebration part, we went back to finish our projects!
I'm so glad Reese got to finish her project since I stole her mama to help me get the party ready!

E was on cloud 9 the entire time!

Noah's mama made her cake.  It was beautiful and delicious!

Caroline refused any family pictures (that's what happens when you skip nap time).  This is the best I could get of my two girls.
Finished projects (minus a few who were finishing up)
The birthday girl was so exhausted, but she found the energy to open presents when we got home!
They call this the Pappa Train!

This was such a fun party and great way to celebrate my first baby turning 5!  It was perfect for her.  She loves everything crafty and artsy, and I love that she was able to help me plan and prepare for it all!  

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Joy!  I hope you had the best birthday ever!!

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  1. Love this so much, miss you guys girls are so pretty !!LOVE MARY