Tuesday, July 31, 2012


On Friday, we spent the day at Whitewater Park with some of our neighbors.  I am a huge fan of water parks.  I was like a kid at Christmas excited!  I jusst knew Elizabeth would love every second of it.  And she did.

Elizabeth, Nick, Sophie
 We got chairs near the kids area.  Caroline loved the sprinkle pad with slides and gadgets for her to pull and swing.  Elizabeth enjoyed the kid pool/playground because she could be completely independent.  She really loved the Treehouse.  It is huge, and she could climb all around and the only way down are big, swurvy slides.  Nick and Gabriella stuck like glue to her which made me feel good.  And I was not surprised that Elizabeth had no problem keeping up with the big kids.  They held her hand pretty much everywhere we went.  So sweet.

We didn't get any pictures, but fearless Elizabeth loved riding on the real rides too.  We went on two rides that you all sit in a big tube.  The first one went fast, splashed us a lot, and twirled us around.  E loved it.  We also did the one (I don't remember their names) that was basically the same as the first except that you go through pitch black tunnels and there are drops inside.  I thought she would be scared (because I sorta was), but she laughed and "whoo hooed" all the way down!  She also went on the race slide.  It's a really long and fast slide that you each ride on a mat and race each other.  She loved this one so much, she went twice.  My little thrill seeker!
Caroline stuck with daddy most of the time.

Nick, Elizabeth, Sophie, Brayden, Gabriella

having our picnic lunch

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