Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So much to do, So little time

It's hit me.  That feeling that summer is almost over and I haven't done half of what I thought I would do.  From sewing projects to school work, I am starting to feel the anxiety build up in my veins!  Mostly, there are still things I want to do with my girls before we start back to school.  Our window of opportunity is getting smaller, but I'm determined to at least do all of things that mean quality time with my babies!

After Elizabeth's princess camp and ballet class yesterday, I put the girls in their swim suits and headed to the Splash Park in Roswell.  Unfortunately, it started raining as soon as we got there.  Our change of plans included stopping for TCBY yogurt.  The girls made a complete mess of it when we got home.  But they had so much fun making it!

Elizabeth has started "performing" for us.  She puts on one of her play costumes and just starts dancing.  I'm pretty sure this is not what Ms. Irene is teaching her in ballet class:)

Our Wednesday walking group climbed Kennesaw Mountain again.  It's actually getting a little easier!  We even carried on a converstation on the way up today!!  It was smack in the middle of Caroline's morning nap time so she was cranky until I put her in the stroller.  Then she was out! 
Reese, Tate, and Caroline are great work out buddies!

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  1. Oh what a face Caroline is making...good thing you took a picture of that rare occasion! ;)