Saturday, July 14, 2012

Princess Ballerina

 Elizabeth went to Princess Ballerina camp this week at the Georgia Dance Conservatory.  I'm such a sports kind of girl that I never imagined getting so giddy about seeing my child all dolled up as a ballerina.  But I loved it as much as she did!  Each day they got to pick out a different princess outfit to wear, they made crowns and wands at craft time, and even learned a few dance moves. 

On Friday, they had a "demonstration" which was pretty much the most hilarious thing I've ever witnessed.  Elizabeth did what a lot of kids do... she froze!

After she warmed up, she started getting into it a little more.

They learned to "sweep the floor" like Cinderella.

They learned to scurry like the mice in Cinderella.  Elizabeth clearly has her mama's grace!

They learned to gallop like a horse.  And apparently, sucking her thumb is what Elizabeth does when she's nervous.  We've never seen her do that before.

I can't remember what they were supposed to be doing on this last part, but I'm pretty sure Elizabeth was done!

She did perk up when Ms. Irene gave her a lollipop.

The dance studio is on the square so we ate lunch at the tea room a couple of doors down.  This picture makes me laugh because Elizabeth was over smiling and Caroline just wanted her lollipop.


  1. I haven't watched the videos yet, but that is adorable! I love it! Can't wait to see Meyers in a tutu this fall at dance class!

  2. SHE SUCKS HER THUMB. She's basically me.