Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Barnyard Bash

Last Saturday we went to the most fun and unique birthday party.  It was a Barnyard Bash at The Art Barn in Canton.  Both Elizabeth and Caroline got to go, and both had a blast!

Elizabeth and Camille, the birthday girl

Faith and Elizabeth

Caroline was slow to warm up, but once she did she was really into all of the animals

This kinda grossed me out, but it was still sweet.

Grossed out again, but I was supportive and took the picture:)
This part was so cute.  They all painted pigs following the instructions of Farmer Sue.  It was the kid version of "Sip-n-Strokes."  Except they "sipped" on juicy juice instead of wine.

The barn cake and animal cupcakes were adorable.
We will definitley be having one of Caorline's birthday here.  Not for another year or two though.  Poor Elizabeth's birthday is in the coldest month of the year so no barnyard bash for her. Oh well.  She had fun celebrating with her sweet friend.

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