Sunday, March 31, 2013

He is Risen!

We woke the girls up extra early this morning.  We went to the early service so we could go to Nannie and Papa Ray's for lunch.  The girls weren't lovin the early wake-up call until they saw their baskets!

Caroline was especially giddy this morning!
My sleepy-headed bunnies. 
Once they were dressed, I tried to get a picture of them together.  No luck!

Attempt #1

Attempt #2... at least no one is crying here

Caroline is starting to give me her "fake" smile a lot.  Or she'll say cheese without looking anywhere near me.
We also attempted a timed family photo.  These always make me laugh:)))

The girls had so much fun spending the afternoon in the country with their cousins.  Elizabeth and I had some fun on the 4-wheeler!

Elizabeth learned during the children's message today about how to greet people on Easter.  She kept repeating, "He is risen.  He is risen indeed!"  I hope it sounded as sweet to Jesus's ears as it did to mine!!

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