Tuesday, April 30, 2013

24 Months

Caroline, here's what your two-year-old little self has been up to.
You are so animated and full of personality.  You make the goofiest expressions all the time.

You wake up so happy and full of life each morning.  And you go to sleep so well. After reading, you just lay down flat on your back, stretch out your arms, and eventually fall asleep.  You are a good sleeper like your sister, but you are much easier to put to sleep (then and now).

When you don't get something you want, you have the saddest pout face I've ever seen.  Real big alligator tears stream down your face.  To say that is's dramatic would be an understatement!

You've got a stubborn streak.  You don't give up easy when you want something.
You love "calling roll."  Every time we're all in the room together, you call us out name by name until we respond to you.  We call it Caroline's Roll Call! 

You are pretty clingy, especially to your mama.  Your daddy calls you a little kangaroo saying that if I had a pouch, you'd climb right in!
You sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself all the time.  You even refer to yourself  in third person while singing it.

You don't eat quite as much as you use to, but you still have a healthy appetitie.

You follow your sister everywhere and imitate her every move!  You really want to be independent just like her.

You weigh 28 pounds (65 percentile) which is the exact same as Elizabeth at two.
You are 35 1/2 inches long (90 percentile).
You are wearing a size 7 shoe and size 2T clothing.

I think you and your sister look more different now than ever before.  But you still look so much like sisters. 

Caroline, we love you more than you'll ever know.  I am so blessed to be your mama.  Happy Birthday.

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