Sunday, April 21, 2013

Caroline's Birthday Party

In my opinion, 2nd birthdays are the perfect excuse for a low-key party.  The first birthday's a blow out, by the third they understand the concept of parties, but they have not clue that the party is even for them at two!  Today was a beautiful day to celebrate our sweet little girl turning two.  She may not understand it now, but she knows that she is surrounded by friends and family who love and adore her!

I chose red and blue (because I already had everything I needed in those colors) with pinwheels (because it's spring).  Even though the temperature and skies were perfect.  It was quite windy.

I couldn't even put the icecream cone cupcakes on the stand because they would blow over.

The pinwheels I made wouldn't stand up in the wind and the balloons just knocked everything else over.  But since my goal was "low-key", I didn't even worry about them.
The wind did help us fly kites.
And it didn't stop the hoola hoopin'
Unfortunately, Caroline went down for her nap late and wasn't ready to get up when her party was starting.  She was pretty cranky unless she was attached to my hip which isn't unusual.  But her sweet bubbly personality didn't start emerging until the party was ending.  By the time we got home to spend some extra time with her grandparents, she was personality plus.  Where was that girl during her party?!  Oh well, it's her party, she can cry if she wants to!!

Reese was just as precious as always

Elizabeth loves all birthday parties no matter whose they are!
When the pizza arrived, Caroline finally let me put her down to eat.

The wind prevented us from successfully lighting her candles.  So we pretended.

She still blew on them:)

I think she thought she actually blew them out. 

I tried to get Caroline to hold her balloons for a birthday picture.  She would have NOTHING to do with them.  But Elizabeth was happy to take her place!

It was the perfect, relaxing celebration for my precious 2-year-old.  Happy Birthday Caroline Lawson Kelly!!

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    Awesome pictures...they are growing soooo fast! I can't wait to see them!!!