Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Behavior Bucket

We started a Behavior Bucket for Elizabeth.  Every time we "catch" her being extra sweet to her sister or doing what she's told when you can tell she really wants to throw a fit or whatever good things we catch her doing, she gets to put a pebble in her bucket.  It has to be extra good.  But sometimes if she's starting the day off rough, I'll find any decent behavior to reward her for and it's amazing how her whole attitude will change.  I'm finding it's much more effective than just focusing on disciplining the negative behavior (we still do that too though:)).  
Anyway, it took her almost 6 weeks to completely fill the bucket.  She was so proud of herself.  So we took a trip to the Disney store for her to pick out a treat.  You would have thought we took her to Disney World when we walked in the store.  She was in awe. I realized she's never been in there because I avoid the mall like the plague.  Out of everything in that store, she chose a Rupunzel braid (which I'm pretty sure they sell at Target for $5 cheaper).  But it was worth the trip. 

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