Friday, March 8, 2013

Welcome Weekend

This week has been long and cold, but the weekend is here!  We started off this week with our regular after church lunch at Laredo's.  Or as Elizabeth calls it, "Rados." 

This week was a busy but productive one.  I had a few early morning meetings and late night school events.  But being home with my crazy girls was the highlight as always!

Caroline has so much personality.  She is constantly cracking us up.  She mimics everything we do.  The other day Bert was standing in the middle of the living room, watching TV with his arms crossed.  As soon as she spotted him, she walked up next to him, faced the TV and crossed her arms too.  Funny girl!
I wish this was a video and not a picture.  Not just because her eyes look scary and her belly's hanging out (which is a little funny all on its own), but because she was really workin' it down the stairs not even aware that anyone was watching.  She wasn't putting on her typical show, she was just being Caroline.  She dances or sashays everywhere she goes.  This girl is full of personality. 
And this girl is getting sweeter and sweeter by the day.  She's always had a big heart, but lately she's really turned away from the terribe 2s/3s.  Funny story about Elizabeth:
Bert bought her all of her gear for soccer (cleets, knee socks, shin gards, athletic shorts and pants), decked her out, and took her in the front yard to practice.  He was explaining to her that the purpose of the shin gards was to protect her legs from being kicked when the other girls were trying to take the ball from her.  My tough little athlete instantly broke down into tears crying, "Why would they try to take the ball from me???  That's not nice."  She was truly heart broken over the prospect.  And I was reminded that my seemingly tough little girl has a heart of pure gold!

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