Friday, March 15, 2013

Sick Day

After feeling crappy all week, I finally took a sick day.  Bert and I both have the flu!  He held a 102 fever for almost 3 straight days.  Mine wasn't quite as bad, but not I think it's turning into bronchitis. 
2 Sick Parents + 2 Activie Kids = Misery
Elizabeth is better, but feeling quite empathetic.  She told me last night that she would take care of me if I slept in her bed with her.  Master Manipulater!!

This chicken pot pie provided some comfort:)
I sat in the driveway today while the girls played outside in the beautiful weather.  I think the fresh air did me some good because I'm actually feeling like a human right now!  I'm praying that tomorrow I wake up feeling like a brand new person! 

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