Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First ever soccer game

Last Saturday was Elizabeth's very first soccer game.  We chose soccer because a) she asked to play it and b) it's a great team sport that will keep her busy and more likely to nap!  The coach said his main goal was that no one cried.  First game... success!  They have 2 goals as far as "skills" go for the players: 1) they learn the concept of no hands and 2) they learn that thier goal is on one side and they defend the goal on the other side.  The team is mixed with new players and players with 1-2 years experience.  It was hilarious watching the mob of girls chase the ball around the field.  But they all had a blast, and no one cried!
getting her first instructions from the coach

they played 4 on 4 without a goalie
Bert was recruited as an assistant coach
Game time jitters- When Elizabeth gets nervous she puts her hands in her mouth (we learned that during ballet).
She held her own very well.  It helps a lot that the coaches run along with them instructing them as they go.

If this girl has any soccer skill, it WON'T be from her mama!
Each time she stood like this while she waited for the ball to come her way.

This little girl on the left ended up scoring on Elizabeth during this run.  E was so excited for her that she clapped and cheered as if she was on her team.  Pure sweetness.
Elizabeth and this little girl went back and forth with the ball A LOT.

Just look at the arm block she has on Elizabeth!  Thankfully, Izzy (on the left) came to Elizabeth's rescue.  She is by far the best and most experienced player on their team.  It feels so weird to say that about a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds.
She was pretty good at defending the ball. 

Watching our girl learn about teamwork and having so much fun made for the perfect Saturday morning.  I guess this marks the beginning of many, many Saturdays on the field (or court)!

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