Saturday, November 1, 2014

Homecoming, Trunk or Treat, and enjoying Fall

Caroline likes to "do homework" like her big sister.
C has also pretty much stopped taking naps, but she still needs one clearly!  Car pool line is exhausting!!

Riding bikes and enjoying the fall weather

Elizabeth has her first pen pal (through church).  She completed the sentences on the left on her own, then they helped her translate it to Spanish.  

I let me students paint my face on Friday for our homecoming game.

These are our senior homecoming court along with our returning Queen (on the left).  Having taught all but one of these girls, I was so happy for each of them.  They are all such sweet, caring, and smart girls.  
Abigail sent me this picture after the game.  I love getting to know these amazing young women outside of the classroom.

In between setting up for the homecoming dance and the actual dance, our neighborhood had our annual Trunk or Treat.  I used some of the decorations from the senior hall to decorate our trunk.  They just so happen to go with our "Under the Sea" theme.  

Elizabeth was Ariel and Caroline was Nemo.  We borrowed BOTH costumes!  Woohoo:)
 Here are some of my favorite trunks this year.

 I didn't get to stay for the whole thing because I had to get back to the school for the dance.  Thankfully my sweet neighbors sent me some pictures of our kiddos having fun!

Katherine, Alissa, and I took a selfie at the end of the dance.  We made it!

We went to the park and played every day after school.  The weather has been absolutely perfect!

Ready for Halloween!

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